How to reduce gasoline consumption and is it possible?

How to reduce gasoline consumption and is it possible?

Many motorists trying to reduce gasoline consumption and save money. Everyone does it differently: someone pours fuel cheaper, someone passes gas, and some diesel additive topped up. I wonder is it possible to save thanks to cheap gasoline and additives?

Recently the most popular among motorists use the system equipment or LPG. They can be used to transfer engine operation from gasoline to gas. Such modernization is beneficial for those who regularly pulls on your car, great mileage. If you rarely go, then, to save fuel, use the tips below.

What distinguishes the cheap gasoline from dear, I know all the octane rating. But what does the octane number – know units. And octane rating affects the knock resistance of gasoline, that is not allows it to ignite spontaneously. With a low octane number is overheating the engine, reduced the power and … fuel consumption is increasing (estimated approximately 20%). But still the engine wears out faster.

There is another way: gasoline or bio-gasoline. What to choose? Of course, the choice is yours, but before you make a choice, find out what it is, and what the difference is.

Bio-diesel is included in the 65% ethanol, 35% in low-octane gasoline. Since the production of the gasoline has not yet been established at the proper level, it is likely that you can get a low-quality product, namely – instead of ethanol are mixed the methanol, which is poisonous. Also, bio-gasoline, there is a property – hygroscopicity, i.e. the ability to adsorb water vapor. And it is likely that in the summer it can be formed in the steam tube, and in winter – ice. Consumption of bio-gasoline is about 10% higher than conventional gasoline.

Gasoline is its octane rating is about 40 units. To improve it add acetone and naphthalene. The systematic use of gasoline to clogging of the tank and the injector can not be avoided.

Increasingly gaining popularity of «miracle additives» that are filled in gasoline and supposedly reduce the consumption of gasoline. Studies have shown that these «octane correctors» may in fact increase the octane rating of 4-6 units. But they can only raise gasoline with a low octane rating. But if it be added to gasoline a-95, the use of additives will not. However, as we are assured manufacturers, harm too.

Additives – additives, but to neglect some really useful tips not worth it. On the injection cars, which are more than 3 years, be sure to clean the injector. In time to change the spark plugs every 10,000 km change air filter. Also don’t forget – riding on not downloaded tyre increases fuel consumption by about 0.5-1 liter per 100 km. If you have decided to convert the car to LPG equipment, do so only at specialized stations, so don’t forget to regularly service.

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