How to read character from handwriting

How to read character from handwriting

Very often, many of us could be seen a pattern between a person’s handwriting and their character. After all, the writing style of each person is unique and is its distinguishing feature. To determine the nature of the handwriting , allows the science that studies the relationship between handwriting and personality is called graphology, and having some knowledge of this science you can learn to accurately identify liars and hypocrites.

When conducting handwriting analysis takes into account several major factors: the size, slope, direction, and location of letters. Let’s consider them in more detail.

The force of pressure

If the person is weakly presses the pen at the time of writing, you can be sure that this is an extremely sensitive person, which is more focused on the problems of the inner world. Such people are careful, do everything slowly and with great responsibility, says the examination of handwriting. Often it can be a sign of a weak will person.

If the human feature strong pressure, he has boundless energy, confidence and stability. How such persons is characterized by optimism, purposefulness, sociability, high efficiency.

The slant of the letters

According to this criterion, it is possible to allocate two groups of people, members of one of which make a very strong inclination when writing, and the other write relatively smoothly. If the analyzed text is handwriting with a slight tilt to the left, then the author is an individualist, which your personal interests are always put above the public. Weak bias in left side says balanced character, the owner of which frequent mood swings.

A noticeable slope characteristic of the jealous and short-tempered people. On the positive side, these include independence, perseverance and dedication.

The density of the handwriting

If all the letters are written very close to each other and have viscous, then the person with this style of writing possesses the skills of logical thinking, the letters are written separately is a sign of an independent personality with a well developed intuition.

The size of the letters in the string

Large letters describe a person brilliant and creative, but inattentive to detail. Very often, these people are true rebels, tend to the destruction of the existing foundations. In addition, if the text stand out very large letters, it could be a sign of a desire for fame and power. Small letters usually belong to reserved people with sometimes extremely sneaky nature.

The shape of the letters

Smooth, rounded letters testify to the goodness, generosity and responsiveness of the individual. It is people such stock often ready to assist in a difficult situation or to compromise.

Angular letters usually are extremely selfish individuals, who do not need other people’s hints and tips.

The line level

When the line level rises to the end of a sentence, before you is a confident optimist who has a great sense of humor. Video line – a sign of prudence, calmness and balance. If the string is omitted, then the author is very expressive and flabby.

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