How to put paving slabs — professional tips

How to put paving slabs - professional tips

In this article we will talk about how to lay paving slabs. Paths lined with paving tiles look very attractive. Because of this buyers a wide range of materials. The price of the tiles is small, and the result is able to surpass even the wildest expectations and make a trail of paving their own hands.

On the Internet many stores offer paving slabs of good quality at reasonable prices for example, bum-vibropress page.

Preparation for work

Before starting work, prepare the tools. You will need:

  • the inhabitant of soft material (wood or rubber) to align elements;
  • trowel for levelling of cement-sand mortar;
  • cord and stakes with notches to determine where the location of the track;
  • building level;
  • PVC pipes or beams;
  • a rake for leveling the ground;
  • the hose or watering can.

You should also prepare sand, cement, gravel and paving stones.


First of all, prepare the ground under the track. Moisture can destroy even a stone, so the tracks should be put under a bias, so they do not accumulate moisture. Standard slope do at the rate of 5 mm per meter of track.

On the future site tracks need to drive the pegs. At the height of 5-7 cm on these pegs you need to pull a cord. Then you have to remove the layer of sod or soil, remove debris from the outlined space and carefully smooth the surface. Soft soil to shed water to seal. On the prepared surface, we recommend laying a layer of geotextile to prevent the germination of weeds.

Geotextile or soil should be covered with sand, which is carefully leveled and abundantly shed water. The sandy layer would not only ensure smooth tiling, but also serve as excellent drainage.

When the sand dries, using a profile of the PVC pipe or beams, it can give a smooth and sleek shape. For greater stability on top of the sand is laid a layer of gravel or cement mortar.

Paving is laid on a cord from the left or right edge. Unevenly stacked element can be removed to pour it on the sand and again put. After all tile are laid, the seams need to Wake the cement-sandy mix, wipe and thoroughly watered.

Then simply fill up the sand into the joints between the elements of the pavers. This garden path will be a real decoration of the site.

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