How to pump up buttocks at home?

How to pump up buttocks at home?

The buttocks is one of the most problematic areas of the female body. Probably, you will not find any girl who would not dream of a supple round booty that will look beautiful in any clothes. Today, many have a sedentary job. Home or office, we often, most of the time you spend sitting at the computer, which doesn’t look good on our «fifth point». Tighten the buttocks is a hard work. But if you start to do some fairly simple exercises today, eventually you will come to a good result, and may be exactly that, the achievements of which all will strive.

Note that in order to pump up the buttocks is not necessary to go to the gym, you can bring them home. The main thing – the desire and not to be lazy. We selected for you several exercises that will embody dreams of a perfect ass in reality.

Before proceeding to the exercises, recall that before you definitely need to warm up, so as not to get injured and the result was more efficient. To do this, simply 5-10 minutes. You can jump rope or just on the spot, dance, run in place, and if you have a cardio machine to warm up on it.


About this exercise, don’t know, probably just lazy. Someone who likes to comply with them, some not, but squats is the most effective exercise for buttocks, proven over the years and a large number of people. Of course, they are effective only under the condition that you will be their right to perform. Here are a few tips that will help you to do squats. You need to put feet on width apart and take the pelvis back. Imagine that you sit on a chair or a sofa, that is, the entire load must go to the heel, in any case not on the front part of the foot, as it is fraught with injuries. If you feel pain in the knees, then doing it wrong. No need to hurry, perform situps slowly and smoothly. Keep in mind one straight back, it should not rounded. Please note that the deeper you sit, the more involved gluteus Maximus.

The rise of the pelvis lying

It seems that this exercise is easy and you don’t spend a lot of effort when it is executed. However, doing it you worked your buttocks, almost the entire burden on them. Such exercises are no less effective. For its implementation need to lie on your back on the floor or Mat, bend your knees. Further to strain the muscles on the buttocks and lift the pelvis up and you stand on the feet, and leaning on shovels. The work should not turn on the muscles of the lower back, watch this. Then slowly lower the pelvis, it is important that the buttocks is not touching the surface. Repeat all over again.


Such exercises are performed to build muscle mass and to give shape to the buttocks. To run you must stand up straight, back straight, abs and glutes tight. Take a step forward as widely as possible and both legs bent at the knees. Then you go back to the original position. Do several repetitions, then change leg. Ensure that the back was smooth and the housing is not deviated forward, backward or to the side. As with squats, the deeper you sit down and the longer the lunge, the more effective the exercise will be more load on the buttocks.

This is the most popular and effective butt exercises that you can perform in the hall, and at home. First, perform a small number of repetitions and approaches, and increase the load gradually. Increase the load is very important, if this is not done, the sense in the exercises will not be any, you simply will not see progress.

In the hall, this is easier because there are dumbbells, pancakes, the neck of the bar that you can use to enhance muscle load. What if you perform the exercises at home? You can use the same 2-liter bottles to get water or sand, thick heavy books. If you don’t want to bother so the best option would be to buy a set of dumbbells. They will never be superfluous. With them you can perform not only butt exercises, but the press, arms, legs. This will help you to achieve faster results. I advise you to buy some dumbbells weighing up to 2 kg. They will become indispensable helpers. Moreover, their cost is not very high, one weighing 1.5-2 kg will cost 500 rubles.

Of course, you can purchase a home trainer, but hardly anyone has so much free space. And dumbbells are much cheaper and more compact. Moreover, you can use promo codes on promoskidki. On this site you will find a huge number of discounts for various online stores, including a separate the discount coupons into sections with sporting goods. But if you still have a spare room for decorating the hall and you want to purchase a machine there are discounts on these goods.

All of these exercises are quite simple in execution. If you dream of bulging buttocks, then it is time to act. Scroll to 15-20 minutes a day to perform them and a month later will see changes for the better. We wish you good results!

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