How to prepare a solution for performing semi-dry screed

How to prepare a solution for performing semi-dry screed

Running the semi-dry screed using cement-sand mortar. With the aim of increasing the strength of ties, when it is applied uses a special reinforced mesh also enhance the strength of ties by adding in the preparation of a solution of fibre. It is important to note that the use of polypropylene fibers significantly reduces the possibility of cracking of the screed.

Preparing a mixture using the following components:

  • cement;
  • screened sand;
  • water;
  • fibro.

How to prepare a solution for the implementation of the screed?

To prepare the solution in the air blower in certain proportions backfilled sand, cement, fiberglass, followed by primary mixing of the components. Then added a small amount of water. Note that water must be added in such quantity that the mixture has acquired a slightly damp condition. Submission of the prepared mixture can be done manually or using special equipment.

If the semi-dry screed will be executed with the use of reinforced mesh, the solution is prepared from 1 part cement brand M400, three parts fine sand. Preparation of the working mixture can be carried out directly on the construction site. How to perform the preparation process (manual or mechanized) will depend on the amount of work that needs to be run. It is important to note that the prepared mortar should not be wet.

In the preparation of the solution, if necessary, can be added to elastificators, whereby the mixture acquires greater plasticity and resistance to sudden temperature changes. After solution preparation it is recommended to wait a few minutes allowing the mixture to stand, after which it can be applied to the work surface. Preparation of the solution, which was used to the semi-dry screedmust be carried out strictly in compliance with the technology and basic requirements. In preparing the solution it can, if necessary, be added:

  • hardener;
  • reinforcing fiber;
  • plasticise materials:
  • additional fillers (expanded clay, foam).

Provided that the solution is properly prepared, the screed is guaranteed to get durable and resistant to mechanical and shock loads.

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