How to post pictures in the interior?

How to post pictures in the interior?

How to post pictures in the interior? This is not just thinking each of us. Photos of keep it in the family memory – the best and funniest moments, milestones of life of all family members. Collect pictures over the years, best exhibited in a prominent place: and by enjoy, and friends.

The best places for photos?

Mostly photos taken to store in photo albums of different formats. The photos also vary in size. In a large number on the wall will not fit. If it’s a professional photo for your portfolio, as those rents Studio makememodel/, then it is better to keep in a safe place. In the days of our great grandparents, when the photos were made for exceptional cases in black and white pictures were placed in frames, hung in a room in the place of honor. These collages can be done now, but there are a lot more modern and stylish options:

  • To pay for pictures of one or more shelves bedroom (nursery). Each photo inserted into the frame with stand. It’s good that the frame will not be standard either in size or in design. Get multilevel, unusual composition, matched in your taste. By the way, the framework can be used both purchased and homemade.
  • The faces of his family and close friends inspire you to new ideas, because you want to they were there. It is quite possible. They will be there. On a small photo set in a simple frame on your desktop. The design is chosen in the style of the Cabinet interior.
  • Option photo on the wall remains in style. Only the images are now arranged in the form of hearts, birds that fly, ships sail, someone on that fancy enough. And it is important to match interior theme. A nice option is the modular painting. Not just with scenery, but with your images.
  • Once it was fashionable to create family portraits that are processed in photoshop for portrait painting. Your family photo will decorate the office or living room.
  • Some photosin the beautiful mess hanging in frames, you will find a place on the wall. Mount them unusual: across thin frame at the top pull the drawstring on his linen clothespin attaches the. Looks more original than a frame behind glass.
  • I want to be original – photo is placed on a shelf, only instead of frames use the unusual bottle shape. Behind transparent glass images look more unusual.
  • By the pictures it is possible to build a complete picture gallery in the living room, to decorate the wall along the staircase to the 2nd floor to fill the space under the stairs in the Seating area.

For many of the images invented the electronic photo frame. Uploaded her photos shown in the slideshow.

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