How to plant onion sets on the site

Onion sets – all known plant, it is loved and grown in many countries of the world. In Ukraine, varieties of onions is very popular. You will seldom meet the cottager who puts on his site the onion sets in the winter, and most of the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine complemented by this spicy plant.

You can buy onion sets here florium and try to grow your own.

Onions will make Your dish an exquisite, slightly spicy and extravagant, and in addition, has healing properties. In the composition of the Luka You will find vitamin B1, B2, B6, E, PP, as well as a large amount of vitamin C. this vegetable boosts the immune system, copes with colds, can reduce the blood sugar levels and increase appetite.

Popular varieties of onion

In the food use of to 228 of sorts, below some of them:

  • Sweet onions are large, thin scales, are harvested in the spring.
  • White onions will please a delicate taste, a little sweet, husk white.
  • Red onion has a specific color of the husk, dominated by dark red color, taste spicy, not spicy, great for salads.
  • Shallots fresh quite spicy and sharp, but cooked the shallot has a nice and even sweet taste.
  • The leek differs from other varieties, because it has no onions, the food often use the green part.

Common questions and answers about onion sets

  • What is a good bow sets? Onion sets are small bulblets that emerge from seed in the first year. Usually forms seeds adult bulb on the second and even the third year. Most often, gardeners use for planting is planting onions.
  • Where do I get onion sets? You can get onion sets from seed or onion sets to buy. Experienced vacationers not difficult to grow onion from seed, but to beginner it is better to find ready-made sets for planting.
  • How to get seeds onion sets? Choose a good and healthy bulbs. In early spring plant them in the greenhouse, the distance between the bulbs should be large. Later bow puts arrows, there will form seeds. In September, the stems are cut, hung upside down and dried. In October, remove seeds and a little dry.
  • When onion seeds are sown? The best time for planting seeds – the month of April. Remember that not all seeds germinate, plant them with the stock. Recommended to first put the seeds in warm water, and then a further day in water at room temperature and only then to put.
  • When maturation occurs sevka? In the month of July can collect their sets. Assembled sets are dried in the sun or indoors in rainy weather.
  • When to plant onion sets? Bulbs can be small, large, and medium. For planting are ideal bulbs of medium size, because small can give bad harvest, and large will go to the arrow. At the end of April is recommended to plant onion small size, but closer to the middle of may – large bulbs.
  • How to plant onion? The optimal spacing between bulbs – from five to ten inches. Planting depth of 4 cm. Distance from one row to the other 25 cm. Often planted onions using the rake. Make the grooves, put the bow cover and side ground.
  • How to care for onion? The first month after planting be sure to water your onions. It is necessary to irrigate at least once a week, use one bucket of water per meter squared. Remove all weeds and loosen soil. Feeding is sometimes used in the form of manure or mineral fertilizers. Before harvest, the onions need to be watered.
  • When harvested onions? It all depends on when You planted your onions. Usually a good time – August, rarely to September. There are early varieties that can be assembled in July. Better focus on the appearance of the plant. If the arrow is yellow, the onion has become Golden, but you can collect your harvest.
  • What are winter onions? The second name of winter onions is a winter onion. This is the bow, which can be planted before winter. Today there are special varieties of onions that will be able to move the cold winter, and in spring give early harvest.

Useful tips

Some tips on how to grow in his dacha, a nice bow and enjoy a good harvest.

  • Not all gardeners know that it is not necessary to plant onion after the carrots. But very often onions and carrots planted in the same bed, these plants live in harmony, and most importantly, scare away from each other pests.
  • The best time for planting onions is the time when cherry blossoms, and gardeners prepare for planting potatoes.
  • Very small sets can be planted before winter, in the spring, it is unlikely to catch up in size to other bulbs.
  • A bow with a thickened neck, used as food first, he has a lesser shelf life.
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