How to place the paintings in the interior

How to place the paintings in the interior

For centuries the main element when decorating the walls have paintings. It can achieve a holistic interior design in any room. Moreover, the arrangement of the paintings is possible to achieve different effects. In this article we will talk about how to place the paintings in the interior.

Speaking about the size of the picture, you need to be realistic. Often the modern living conditions do not allow to lay out large canvases. Painting on the wall, at least will not be appropriate, and to fix such design is fairly difficult. But if you want a solid composition, then it is better to create several medium or small paintings of different sizes. Moreover, you can also use posters and pictures. This ensemble will look easy and relaxed, even if they occupy an entire wall, it does not overload the interior of the room and give the opportunity to change any image with time. To compose a better composition on the table or on the floor, and then hang Paintings by numbers on canvas or wall.

When posting you need to follow certain rules. The picture must not cover other elements of wall decor, that is, it must be free. Do not hang the painting up high, or below the middle of the wall. Also the picture is to light enough light to make out what is depicted. But keep in mind – sunlight is detrimental to the fabric. All the rest need to rely on your own taste and style, to unleash the imagination.

This set up is a classic, when is one picture. When you create a picture composition, you can get the original effects, which diversify the overall decor of the room.

When creating the ensemble of paintings, usually guided by two parameters: the colors and meaning. In the first case, canvas combined color and complement each other, and the second motifs of the paintings are intertwined and can tell the whole story. Also the similarity of pictures you can add, inserting them into the same framework.

The next step is the choice of the form will be placed in the image. It is best to draw a rough sketch of where to locate each part of the ensemble, or, at least, is to figure out on the floor.

Most often used geometric shapes. In such rectangular forms, changing one picture can make a small chaos.

If selected paintings of different sizes, the composition should be, evenly distributed. In contrast to the large picture on the one hand you need to have a few small on the other. The same rule should apply regarding the color. Everything should be balanced.

Today are increasingly found the picture consisting of several parts. this original approach gives a feeling of lightness with a large image size and maintains a complete image.

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