How to pass housing for rent without intermediaries


Many homeowners get lost in the selection, asking the question «How to take shelter in rent without intermediaries?». Some don’t want to waste your time and energy and rely in this matter on a special Agency, others on the contrary, his own search for his tenants. Both ways are good, but better in this kind of question without the help of any intermediaries. Because you don’t have to spend extra money to pay for the services of realtors.

Now to rent an apartment in Moscow without intermediaries, very simple. All you need is a computer and the Internet. Once logged in you can find yourself a responsible and decent tenants.

Filling out the necessary forms

  • the first thing to note – type housing;
  • total area;
  • number of rooms;
  • the condition of the apartment;
  • the amount of rent;
  • term of granting real estate in rent.

The more truthful information that can be provided, the faster will be found appropriate tenants. You can also confirm the information on housing photos.

The main stages of preparation of the application

  • you need to go on the above server.
  • correctly to place your ad with all of the specified personal data (optional);
  • wait for the applications from the interested persons;
  • choose from a great variety and to contact him;
  • sign him to a lucrative contract.

Here, for example, to take long-term housing in Saint Petersburg using the services of this website sdare/sdat_sankt-peterburg. Here everyone can register and post ads. It is also a great opportunity for those who need housing. Just need to use a special service site and filter all existing listings by price or property type. After this will the most necessary options.

Key benefits of the transaction directly

  • the owner can personally assess potential tenants;
  • they can inspect and take copies of documents;
  • personally make the lease.

All this will help quickly and efficiently to find good people for the property.

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