How to pack for moving

How to pack for moving

Sometimes there are situations when you need in the shortest possible time to change their place of residence. Those who rents an apartment, for sure, that sort of thing. This publication aims to tell as quickly and without loss to pack when moving. Information will also be useful for those planning the move in advance and do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to pack.

If you are planning to move in advance

Having sufficient time, it is better gradually to do an audit of the property. For example, once a week while cleaning the apartment. Throw or hand out all unnecessary. The right things should be sorted by the cabinets. Winter coats and jackets must be stored in one place and separate from the summer clothes. If it’s a warm time of year, it is desirable that the winter clothes were Packed in cases. This will reduce the build time of things, and their showdown at the new location.

Purchase special bags for small items (e.g., underwear, or baby clothes). This will help you to find the subject and save you from having to stack them in bags when moving.


For urgent and planned relocation should purchase sufficient consumable.

You will need:

  1. Cardboard boxes. Do not buy too big a container, as it can be overwhelming. Box you can ask (or buy) in the shop or on the market.
  2. Packages. It is your regular garbage bags. For light and bulky items (mattresses, pillows) the best option would be vacuum bags.
  3. Stretch wrapping of furniture.
  4. Old Newspapers for packing dishes.
  5. Bubble wrap for fragile items.
  6. Scotch.
  7. Markers for notes.
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