How to overcome fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking is quite common, which gives the person a lot of problems and inconveniences. People who have this fear, the performances are worried, behave unnatural, «swallow the end of words» that confuse words and even sentences. At such moments comes the understanding that you need to change something, because sometimes the ability to stay in front of the public with dignity and naturally, a lot can depend on in life. In particular, the successful development career. How to cope with fear of public speaking we will discuss in this article.

Carefully and promptly podgotavlivaya

In order to stay confident in public, it is necessary carefully and to prepare a speech. Details work the theme of the presentations, demonstration materials (models, presentations, etc.). Show genuine interest. Invite you to view the material of your report to more experienced employee.

Leave the negative experience behind you

It’s possible that your fear was motivated by a number of unsuccessful samples. Know this: it’s not how perfect you speak in public, and how often you do it. The first time it is impossible to do everything perfectly. All great speakers have become so because decided with each statement becomes more convincing in their speeches.

Visualize future performance

Visualize (draw in his own imagination) the future projection in the most favorable light. Make attractive and accessible to the perception of the presentation design. Practice in your own thoughts as you speak loudly and confidently own report, your breath is free, the words flow like a continuous stream. So, you program the brain and body for the result you want.

Practice as the key to success

Practice is a great power. Start with toasts in the company of friends. Further practice of a distinct and loud voice in public spaces. Such actions will help to cope with the fear of negative reactions of others.

To collect the necessary information and knowledge

Do not stop there. Try to obtain as much information as possible about public speaking. Attend oratorical skills courses, read books on the same subject. Communicate with people who already have overcome the fear to speak in public and become good speakers. In short, daily move to the target, deliberately and steadily, and then the success will be guaranteed.

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