How to optimize the performance of the washing machine

How to optimize the performance of the washing machine

To care for linen, clothing and other textiles ceased to be ordinary debt, it should be trusted special equipment. In the lines of most modern manufacturers of household appliances are functional and ergonomic washing machines, designed using high technology. Quality installations provide good efficiency of washing and allow you to remove the most difficult stains. In this article we will discuss how to optimize the performance of the washing machine.

Many well-known brands offer buyers a washing machine with high efficiency class ofsuch models is particularly advantageous due to minimal electricity consumption. For most caring hosts one of the main criteria of equipment selection is the consumption of energy and detergents. However, not everyone is aware of what to do about the washing machine is economical, it is possible independently, it is enough to follow a few simple rules

Consumption of electricity and detergent

During operation of the washing machine main volume of electricity consumed in the work of ten. The amount of energy consumption directly depends on the level of temperature to which to heat the water. To reduce electricity consumption and save money on each wash a decent amount will allow the simultaneous connection of the unit to hot and cold water.

Before washing, enough to fill the tank of the washing machine with hot water, thus will eliminate the need to use the heater. Rinse the clothes completely cold water. To save electricity and detergent, it is desirable to accumulate things for a full load. Even if the tank is only half-filled, the flow of powder and water is the maximum. In addition, to reduce the consumption of detergent will allow pre-soaking clothes. By eliminating the most difficult stains by hand, you can continue washing in eco-mode.

The effect of the additional options

Modern washing machines do an excellent job with the basic functions and features additional options, that makes looking for things more effective, qualitative and safe. The units can have the following modes:

  • quick wash (to save not only time, but also up to 30% of electricity, and detergent);
  • gentle drying (to get perfectly dry Laundry without shrinkage and damage);
  • intensive wash (for quick removal of old stains);
  • soft wool (designed for wool, characterized by a slow rotation of the drum);
  • pre-wash;
  • stain removal;
  • fast drying.

Many models of washing machines equipped with automatic water level control, with its help you can monitor the fluid flow, to reduce the duration of heating and reduce energy consumption. Most units have a switch pressed (to care for delicates), extra rinse (to remove detergent from the fibers of the tissue), delay, control-pressed (to set the required number of revolutions of the drum). Using these capabilities of the washing machine rationally, not only can achieve the desired result, but save money.

Performance depending on the brand

Choosing a washing machine should begin with the definition of parameters that it must meet, these include the size, type of loading and the allowable weight of the clothes. Also the method of installation of the unit for a small bathroom, the best option will be the integrated model, and spacious you can choose the more capacious. To give preference to the desirable equipment from famous brands, provide the product warranty. Due to the long service life and compliance with international standards is needed today is a technique brands.

A broad range of reliable, energy efficient and multi-functional washing machines presented by Smeg, choose a suitable model in the catalog on the website smg-studio. Popular Italian brand is on the market for more than 60 years, its products have been successfully implemented in many countries. The Laundry facilities are from Smeg with different dimensions, number of downloads and performance. Each model is equipped with an optimal set of programs, special modes allow you to remove any stains and provide quality care things of the most delicate fabrics.

Washing machine Smeg have an increased level of security that they are protected from children and can self-diagnose breakage. For example, the Aquastop system detects damage to the hose and instantly stops the flow of water, eliminating the possibility of flooding.

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