How to open a supermarket — ideas for small businesses

How to open a supermarket - ideas for small businesses

The idea to open a supermarket seems like a very expensive and risky. However, many experts in the trade industry claim that small business, which is based on the opening and maintenance of your own shop quite favorable. Even considering the fact that lately more and more often you can meet a newly-opened grocery stores, the demand for them is rife.

This can all be explained. Of course, any person’s daily need nutrition, and this means that he will not cease never to buy grocery. As the person lazy, he buys the necessary products in the nearest shop from home. Therefore, the probability that your store will not be profitable – very small, especially with proper preparation a business plan that will lead to a stable income.

Investment in supermarket

There are several ways to start a business. The first method is an independent investment of their own funds for needed goods, warehouses, shopping facilities, equipment, and, of course, documents. This method is quite capital-intensive, with the result that the project will pay off within 5-6 years.

The other way is the franchise (the right to use the name and business model of the franchisor). Undoubtedly, this way is much cheaper to the businessman approximately in 2 times, and if he’s going to open only one supermarket, then this way is several times cheaper than to invest equity capital that will be repaid in the first year.

The choice of premises for supermarket

Undoubtedly, you first need to determine the area of the room. It all depends on the size of your proposed store. For the average shop to choose a better area in close proximity to houses, suitable separate building or room of the first floor of a residential building. To make it less of a hassle, the easiest way is to buy an existing store, and then to do it all as you wish.

Equipment for the shop

When you have decided on the room, came the stage of selection of equipment for small businesses. Here need and refrigerators, and cash registers, and display cases with shelves. Also, you will need consumables such as cash register tape Bazazip, packaging bags, price tags, etc.


Here all individually, but there are General principles. In order to start to work in plus, you must first take the most popular type of goods, which at any time will demand. Once you have customers, you will understand how to extend the range. For grocery shopping you will need about a third invested in the shop.


The profitability of the store for a good enough indicator should be about 25-30%. Food is always in demand, because of this, your business will not in any case depend on external economic factors. To maintain profitability, you need to study the market demand, to anticipate the emergence of competitors, and I have to fight them to improve your business plan.

On matters of budget planning and execution of the necessary registration documents, you will be told in the following video.

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