How to open a frozen car door?

How to open a frozen car door?

How to open a frozen car door? Here it is winter morning, you go down to his car, hoping in time to get to work or important meetings, but the car doors were frozen and could not be. Don’t despair, there are many ways to solve this problem and to get inside the car without any problems.

What to do if a frozen castle?

  1. First, do not attempt to open the door by force. There are many cases when drivers broke the key and left the debris in the castle. It all becomes another nuisance. Check out all the other doors, it is possible that you will be able to get into the cabin through one of them, and then use the heater to warm the driver’s door lock.
  2. If you insert the key succeeded, then try to wiggle the key in different directions. Along the way, it is possible to apply light blows with a hand around the castle. If so handle with lock has failed, the same can be done with all the other doors.
  3. Not bad helpers are regular matches and butane lighter. Pre-heated key will considerably simplify the task, but does not guarantee the desired effect.
  4. If you have access to a hot water bottle, you can attach it to the lock, and periodically try to turn the key. Thus, the lock can also be defrosted.
  5. If you have the opportunity to stretch an extension cord, or the car is in the garage, where there is an electric outlet, it is possible to warm the castle with the help of common female hair dryer. Try to avoid holding the nozzle too long in the paint, otherwise there is a risk to melt it.
  6. Many drivers use as a de-icer WD-40. And indeed, the modern liquid allows you to easily open the lock in winter. It can also be used as a prophylactic.
  7. A little-known but effective method is exhaust gases. If you have access to a hose of sufficient length, it is possible to connect it to the exhaust pipe of the neighboring car and ask the owner to start the motor. At this time you need to direct the flow of gases to the castle and keep as long as the lock is not getting warm.

If all of the above methods did not help you, you will be saved by the wizard to replace the locks. You can call, contact the service opening and replacement of locks. A specialist will help you to open the car without damaging the lock and tore off the handle.

What if she froze the door?

  1. Exactly the same as in the first case, do not rush and try to open the next door. Too sudden movement may break the seal or break the door handle that will come out at no small cost.
  2. The only correct solution is a special tool that prevents the formation of ice. Having scattered them in the slot, you can quickly thaw the frozen door and open it.
  3. Remember that in most cases it is possible to cope with the door less often used. For example, you can get into the cabin through the rear door or the trunk.

How to prevent freezing of doors and car door locks?

Naturally, in order to avoid such problems, you need to prepare in advance. Long before frost, you need to purchase special products for anti-icing of locks, and fluids that prevent the doors freezing to the seals.

The application of these means you need to start when snow each winter and after washing. Such prevention will help you once and for all forget about what a frozen castle. We wish you good luck on the road!

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