How to move a long flight

How to move a long flight

If you have a long flight, it is necessary to prepare. In this article you will find some useful tips on how to fly more comfortably and with minimal stress to the body.

Cause General malaise and feeling sick during a flight is often a fear of flights. According to statistics, suffer from aerophobia over 93% of people on the planet. The fear of flights is associated with the realization that while in the air, even at a great height, we are helpless and unable to control the situation. We are afraid of the crash, a failed takeoff or landing, an air of rapids and holes, zones of turbulence. But in fact, air transport is the safest mode of transport in the world. For example, cheap flights Chelyabinsk Moscow almost as popular as the train the same direction. Every 2 seconds the world is taking off. And if to assume, what will you do meeting 3-4 times a day and fly the next 25 years, the probability of being in a plane crash equal 0,0014. This statistic is not comforting?

If you still feel discomfort at the thought of the flights, don’t neglect the following rules:

  • Give up Smoking and alcohol on the day of departure;
  • Not see before the films associated with the collapse and disasters;
  • On the day of the flights, and during do not consume fatty, spicy and salty foods. Give preference to vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood. The same applies to carbonated beverages. Such heavy food gives an extra load on the heart, thereby making the flight even more difficult;
  • Make sure in advance about such things as ear plugs, eye mask and noise-cancelling headphones
  • To replace narrow shoes and shoes with heels wear comfortable flats, and on the flight wear comfortable Slippers;
  • If you get motion sickness and ears(quite naturally during takeoff and landing), advance purchase tablets or lozenges that will help to move the discomfort. Due to fluctuations in pressure may experience headache, for these purposes, also purchase in advance the funds that you help.
  • At high altitude the body requires more liquid than usual. In advance purchase a foldable plastic bottle(Duty Free ), and ask them to fill it on Board. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably every 25-35 minutes;
  • Due to the conditioning in the cabin, you may experience dry eyes. It is worth to buy eye drops and refuse lenses, giving preference points.
  • Pretty hard to sleep standing on top prevents the feeling of panic, discomfort, noise. For this purpose, who takes sleeping pills in advance, but someone a few days before the flight especially sleep deprived.
  • If it is very much your ears during takeoff, and try several times to swallow saliva or make chewing movements.

Adhering to these simple rules, the flights you will take a much easier and safer for the body.

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