How to make your vacation memorable and extraordinary?

How to make your vacation memorable and extraordinary?

During the entire length of the year all dream about the rest. And when it comes, everyone thinks about how to make your vacation unforgettable, extraordinary, adventurous and positive emotions, this article will present some of the most interesting ways to spend a holiday. At the same time, unlimited possibilities for everyone. Each simply chooses their Hobbies, inclinations, moral and material possibilities. So, consider several options for journeys without guarantees.


The journey of a pedestrian is known as one of the cheapest and most independent activities. Of course, the opportunity to meet on all the trails where I had no vehicle to inspect and examine all hidden from tourists on the vehicles location and up to the mountains, beaches, forests, dependent only on himself and his desires attract, but the inability to clearly organize your budget, and bed, snacking, not to mention hygiene and that will have to bear the Luggage are significant disadvantages with all of those advantages, which you can imagine. And also, this kind of travel is uniquely suitable only for bypass only the surrounding neighborhoods or cities.

The journey by bike

Athletes travel lovers have to taste the journey by bike, which is now gaining popularity in the world. A rather extreme sport suitable, mainly trained athletes, as they can develop a large enough speed on the bike, and not to feel fatigue that you will feel a beginner. The possibility of overcoming large distances, regardless of terrain, whether mountain, plain, or field roads. However, despite all this, the bike is a vehicle, and therefore, from time to time will require maintenance, and Parking than not be able to always help the locals who can give you the bed. Traveling through the territory of Russia a good option for the selection of bed will spend the night website ru, where everyone can find a place for your budget.

Hitching a ride

Well, the most romantic, as many say, the most interesting and exciting is hitching a ride. From the originality of the idea of hitchhiking is breathtaking. Trip with complete strangers, no guarantees, no insurance, no support from anyone. Assigned to itself, the insecurity, but the thirst for adventure prevailed over by many travelers. This type of holiday is definitely not suitable for all because of its uncertainty. That is, despite the fact that there is an opportunity to see the country or the city from the inside: to bypass all the streets, go to different museums, theatres, cafes, restaurants, etc.; the President will definitely be cheering from everyone for a place to stay tonight and how much money is to be postponed for future days. Budget calculate in detail and clearly not possible, the dependence on drivers and their moods, and very often they charge you with «hitchhikers«, meal time also varies from daily routine and whereabouts. So quite hard obtained vacation.

But! Each person has certain advantages. For some, the rest is the noise in the fun numerous companies, others prefer silence and solitude with a book or player. Some people like relaxing with a pot and a 40-pound bag over his shoulder to cross mountains and swim in the mountain rivers, for someone better comfortable stay all-inclusive in the sun loungers on the beach, and for some the romance of the unexplored is the best time. A lot of options, just need to approach each of his visits is not entirely out of the ordinary, to listen to all your inner wishes and to see the holiday through different eyes.

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