How to make underarm skin smooth

How to make underarm skin smooth

How to make underarm skin smooth? C the onset of the summer season, the issue of concern to many. Underarm skin, getting rid of hair not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, but also it is practically not breed pathogens that cause unpleasant smell of sweat.

Free from vegetation armpits in several ways, the most simple and common of which is ordinary shaving. First on the skin to apply a small amount of shower gel, any soap, shaving cream, lather tool for armpit shaving machine. Underarms look great after a couple of minutes. Because the shaved hairs grow back in two days, need to shave my underarms quite often. This is the only disadvantage of such a procedure.

There are specially designed for hair removal of underarms hair removal creamto be applied on skin underarms and leave for some time (defined in the instructions for use), after which the cream is washed off with plenty of water together with the hairs. This is a more expensive method, but it is that the hairs grow back again is not as quickly than shaving.

To eliminate the hairs for a few weeks experts recommend the use of an electrical appliance. This is a pretty painful procedure, so if you have sensitive skin or a low pain threshold is better to use different, more gentle method of removing unwanted vegetation from the armpit. Trust this process better professionals, because learning of electrolysis is the cause of many hours of theory and practice.

Removing unwanted hair using wax strips is also quite painful and long-lasting way. Special strips are glued to the underarm and then removed with a rapid movement. The hairs stick to the strip and removed together with the root, which ensures smooth armpits for three weeks or even a month. This procedure is better to entrust the conduct of a specialist in the beauty salon.

Cabin hardware procedures help to rid of unwanted hair for a very long time, in some cases forever. This hair removal, laser and electrolysis. Similar procedures can be carried out only by professionals in specialized salons. Because they all have side effects, it is advisable to consult a doctor before applying them. Another disadvantage of salon treatments is their high price.

Since any form of hair removal is a great stress for the skin, after the procedure you must apply a special cream to soothe the skin and use a deodorant, a composition which contains skin nutrients.

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