How to make the right choice of underwear?

How to make the right choice of underwear?

The domestic market presents a huge number of products designed for outdoor activities. Recently the range replenished with linen, which is able to retain heat. It is for this reason that in many specialized stores garments produced in accordance with special technology, change to the warmed variants of the elements of «ammunition». It is important to remember that without the knowledge of some nuances impossible to make the right choice of underwear.

What is the difference of thermal underwear?

The main difference of thermal underwear from a simple clothes that is used every day, consider a uniform maintaining a certain temperature. Besides, you should also identify several properties associated with the ability to collect sweat for coats and to dry in a short period of time. Typically this feature is explained by the presence of anti-bacterial additivethat is included in the core material.

Selection criteria of thermal underwear

The main criterion in the choice of such linen is considered the main activity for which it will be used. For example, if you plan to move a lot, it is better to give preference to blagovewensk and heat-saving properties. All these parameters can easily be adjusted thanks to the base component.

As for the composition of the thermal underwear, all products have some hair and some synthetic material. Usually for frequent use in winter, choose artificial fabric. Thanks to its properties clothing can long time to remain completely dry as all the moisture and perspiration will pass through the fiber.

If we consider a heat insulating clothes made of wool, it should be selected only for slow walks during the cold weather. Its main features are involved in the preservation of the natural thermoregulation of the body and help evenly distribute the heat.

Models of thermal underwear

Through the use of modern technology began to produce not only underwear, but also essential items of clothing. Currently, to purchase thermal underwear can be in the form of t-shirts and pants, and gloves, hats and socks, the latter are considered the most important.

Thermal socks help to get rid of moisture and can dry within minutes. Very popular due to the antibacterial properties and high wear resistance. Typically, these socks can be divided into several categories, among which are the heated and physical activity.

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