How to make the heart work

How to make the heart work

A passerby man was cardiac arrest, then what to do? How to make the heart work? In this article you will find some simple tips that are useful to know for everyone.

Massage of the cardiac muscle, of course, be indirect. Before you begin the massage, make the first punch. Certainly not with the scope and not very strong. The impact must be sent to the projection of the heart. If the strike didn’t help, then you can start to massage the heart.

In order to to have heart in the work necessary.

  • Lay the person in a horizontal position for the back. If it’s on the street, on the grass away from cars. If the room, you can’t put a man on soft. The surface must be strictly firm. If there is a soft surface, you will not be able to perform good compression of the heart.
  • It is necessary to determine the point on the chest. For this we use fingers. You need to find the end of the sternum, and then must be at a distance of two fingers from the end of the sternum to make a mark. Just here in this area is the heart. Then you need to kneel down before the victims, at chest level. Why on my knees? In order to avoid crushing the sternum, also in this position, chest compressions are easy.

Fundamentally remember that elderly people do not push hard on the chest, as the elasticity is very reduced. If you press hard, you can just smash the ribs.


  1. Hands on the point of the sternum.
  2. Performed by pressing on the chest.
  3. The exact position of the hands. One hand should be strictly horizontal, and the top second hand in a vertical position. No matter what the first hand right or left. It all depends on the person. You need to put the hands, as convenient to you.
  4. When pressing on the sternum need not be performed according to the severity of the entire hand, but only at the connection of your palms.
  5. Remember that you are on your knees, your hands are already at the specified point. It is also important that your shoulders were strictly on the level of the chest of the victim. If this is not done, there can occur a shift of a line. And in this case often there are cracks, fractures.
  6. Use for massage torso. This will be enough to carry out heart massage for forty minutes. If you use only the hands, then you will only last for ten minutes.
  7. Depth of depression should be four or five inches. Make sure that the frequency was equal to one hundred per minute.
  8. If there is cardiac arrest in children. The depth of the depression is strictly up to two inches. And in any case not to perform a heart massage with both hands. Only one handle.
  9. A child from one year to eight years to push you to a depth of 2 and a half to 3 inches.

Of course, it is advisable not to get into such a situation neither the victim nor the person who assists him. Don’t forget about the health of their heart muscle. Constantly let it load. You can do a run. gymnastics or Cardio Twister to buy. No matter how you will train your heart, remember that his health depends on your own life!

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