How to make the correct form of the nails

How to make the correct form of the nails

Every girl wants to be charming and well-groomed nails. And here much depends on the shape of the nails. Sometimes they can simply not approach to the form of your hands. Therefore, do not appear as you would like. To avoid this, you need to make the correct form of the nails.

Model nails should be selected based on the form of the structure of the hands and nails, as well as the preferences of the girl. To know exactly what type suits your hands, you can just try all forms and especially to choose a suitable variation. And also you can go to beauty salon. There is a professional manicure only once looking at your hands, will be able to tell which form is appropriate for you.

If your work is connected with medicine, cooking and as with children, it is the place to give preference to the round shape of the nails. To your nail had a Crescent shape, it is possible to do it with the help of nail files. Remember, however, that the nail should be no longer than 1 mm. If the nails of this form will be longer, they will look very nice and not untidy. In addition, this nail shape suited to owners of long and thin fingers.

If you have plump hands, the square nail shapes will be the most appropriate. Rasp the edges of the nail should be straight, and the tip so that the result is a square. If you have broad nails, you can make them wider, giving them a trapezoid shape. The nail should taper to the end of the nail plate. The corners of the nails make in its sole discretion. You can not touch them, and they will remain sharp or to make rounded. For this it is convenient to use kuratomi and blades.

Oval version of the nails are suitable for girls who have long fingers. To create it, you need to file the nail in the direction of the two sides towards each other. Pay attention to the width, whether it suits you. If not, then you should make a nail more narrow on both sides.

If you are the owner of narrow hands, you’ll like pointed model nails. For this you need to file the fingernails so that in the end you obtain a triangular form. Acute angle has to be exactly in the center of the nail plate, and not from the side. And what will be lengthened and your nail, the better and better you get you a manicure.

Of course, all this you can do yourself at home. However, it is better to consult a specialist who has experience with nails. In addition, to shape the nails better when it makes the other person than yourself.

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