How to make the backlight on the rims

How to make the backlight on the rims

Yourself to highlight on the rims quite easily. This procedure is quite easy and allows you to spend a small amount of money to give the car a more refined and brighter look.

Design CDs lighting

Standard car design drives the backlight is not provided, however, the light tuning can be done by any motorist who has at least minimal experience with electrical engineering. With proper selection and proper quality installation your car will be truly unique. I recommend to use led strips, which is bought from reliable sellers. Remember that set the backlight to only those machines, which surface is not deformed and is not exposed to rust, indeed, in this case, the backlight will only draw attention to the existing problems.

3 ways of backlight drives

There are 3 main ways to perform illumination discs:

  1. Lighting is created using a standard automotive bulbs. However, due to the fact that this method is the need to place the mounting socket in hard to reach areas its performance is quite difficult;
  2. Illumination is performed using neon lamps differ from standard lamps with compact dimensions. This method is perfect for car drives, which is the minimum number of slots so that each lamp, when necessary, can be placed individually;
  3. Is because of the led strips that have a long uptime and are easy to install. In this part of elements it is possible to make inconspicuous from the outside. The led strip need to pick up on the degree of the emission spectrum, and the body structure and wheels. The most popular two-color illumination.

To front discs led strip can be mounted 3 main ways:

  • On the edge of the protective cover is attached double-sided tape. It needs to be exactly the same width as the casing. On top of it is attached to led tape that is attached to the base with plastic collars, which are drilled holes with a diameter of 5 cm For attaching one tape need to drill 12 holes. Upon completion of the mounting twist the wires feeding the led strip must be carefully isolated
  • In the absence of the housing on the car With aluminum plates fastened together with fasteners you need to perform an analogue of the protective casing. If you can not find the mounts you can seal the splice. Installation of led strip is produced, as in the first method. However, this design excessively exposed to moisture as a large flow of water from close range just flush lighting.
  • Backlight disc special stand, which is made of steel tapes attached to the drum inside. Despite the fact that the implementation of similar designs you need to spend much more money this is the most reliable way to extend the lifespan of led strip.
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