How to make the apartment the penthouse?

How to make the apartment the penthouse?

Housing under the roof not so high in price as the middle floors. There is an option to fix this and increase the size of holdings, if the attic is above the apartment and make a real penthouse!


In essence, the attic called the premises of the nonresidential use, located on the extreme floor of the house. These square meters is available to any of the homeowners, which is located on the top floor. In order to make it happen, you have two options. One of them is the whole attic in the property, the other lease or grant possession.

According to the Housing code of the attic is a common meter for all apartment owners. If the owner of the property on the top floor wanted to assign and make the penthouse, he must acquire the consent of all owners of the house. It will be easier to rent, because you will need one third part of all residents.

Key points of design

Or can you?

The owner of the top floor first you need to understand whether it has the opportunity to own this loft. If in this room are lines of communication, the law says that we need a permanent access lines. Communication, for example, will migrate, but the approach to the pipeline or the Elevator shaft to block just will not allow it. The condition for failure is the height less than 2.3 m roof inclination of more than 55 degrees at home and participation in the project of major repairs.

If the external inspection as appropriate, shall execute the inspection, which will allow you to obtain an official paper with the conclusion. More about this you will tell the forum about the penthouses.


Most likely is the most difficult stage of the design, because each has its own view on such intentions, their character and location. Before collecting owners must make a request on the subject of not already decorated the loft in someone’s property. Happen such situation: make out room, but subsequently cease to use, although the property remains. In this case, it may be possible to buy the attic from the owner.

In addition, people who live in this house it is necessary somehow to convince that they have agreed to take this step, it is necessary to organize duties, that, too, is problematic.


Consequently, the owners of the house agree. Next will be the stage of documentation it is based on the development of documents for alteration of the premises to the penthouse. You must obtain permission to redevelop from many instances: architectural control, Rospotrebnadzor, gas inspection, EMERCOM, and even from the architect who design this house. Housing Committee gives the final conclusion. That’s all the documentation: technical plan, documents of title, consent from the residents, the cadastral passport and the documents authorizing the reorganization.

How much money?

There is no particular value in the design of the attic. As always and everywhere there are additional costs. Often it concerns the technical part. In the Moscow region techaluta to roof space can roughly cost between 30 thousand to 60 thousand rubles. The design of the attic will cost a large amount. Another is payment of state fees. And a pretty penny it will cost the repair works of the premises.

Privatization of the attic is still very troublesome thing, but also profitable. Increases the size of such accession, it is possible to acquire creative workshop. Or, in the end, you can always sell this property, as with an apartment or separately.

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