How to make terrace terrace and veranda in your home

Have you ever wondered how to make a terrace and a veranda in your house? To have their own country house – it is a great joy. Especially if there is a veranda and terrace where you can have a great time with family and friends. The veranda is a non-heated room, glazed on two or three sides. The terrace is usually open space, elevated above the ground for 15 to 45 cm It can be located in residential premises, and to be their continuation. A veranda is always attached to the house or is integrated directly into the building.

How to make terrace and veranda comfortable

  • Positioned on the perimeter of the room curtains. On request they can be dissolve, or collect it in bundles. The fabric creates on the terrace or in the veranda a cosy atmosphere.
  • Furnish the room with comfortable furniture. The ideal solution would be the sun loungers, hammocks and chairs. Furniture for verandas and terraces should be comfortable and practical. Resistance to sunlight and high humidity, which allows the use of this furniture, even in bad weather. There is also a large selection of folding outdoor furniture that is unnecessary can be removed in the pantry.
  • Decor with the help of plants. Plants can be used for creating comfort, both inside and outside, terrace or veranda. For example, from the outside you can plant garden trees or shrubs, which will protect the area from prying eyes and will help to create a special atmosphere. Alternatively, suitable curly green plants. Inside you can place the flowers in hanging baskets and pots.
  • Lighting. For a pleasant stay in the evening, on the terrace or the veranda should be light. It can perform not only their primary function, but also serve as decor. For this purpose it is best to use led lamps that are not afraid of temperature changes.
  • A fireplace or grill. If the family loves to spend cool summer evenings by the fire, can be equipped with terrace, fireplace or grill. The grill will serve as the oven for cooking.

You should pay attention to the fact that many people may need to do an open terrace and veranda at the same time. These two buildings can be adjacent to each other, where the porch is glazed, and the terrace is an outdoor area to relax in the fresh air. hot days can be carried out on the sundeck and in the evening relax on the spacious terrace and admire the stars.

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