How to make hot chocolate at home

Today I have found a great recipe how to make hot chocolate at home. But first, a few words about the drink.

Hot chocolate, cocoa drink or a cocoa drink, which definitely contain cocoa and milk (or water) and sugar. Soft drink usually. Until the XIX century hot chocolate was used for medicinal purposes.

A Cup of hot chocolate for dessert was a sign of good taste in high society throughout Europe, a sign of wealth and respectability. He is credited with various medicinal properties including aphrodisiac properties. A divine drink inspired poets and artists. The symbol of the chocolate mania of the era so far is the picture of «chocolate», created in the mid 40-ies of the XVII century by the Swiss painter Jean Etienne Liotara.

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How to make hot chocolate at home

In tropical America from pre-Columbian times cacao beans were produced in the cold, often sweetened beverages, which had little in common with modern cocoa. They drank only men of noble birth, warriors, shamans, and designed to sacrifice people. Because of the alcohol content of the drink were not given to women and children. In 1519 on the coast of Mexico landed Spanish General Hernan Cortes. At a reception given in honor of the guests, the Aztec leader Montezuma II treated the Spaniards whipped a thick drink made from cacao beans with vanilla, chilli and spices, served in cups of pure gold. The drink the Aztecs called «chocolatl» (foamy water). From the Aztec chocolatl was the word chocolate — «chocolate». Chocolatl by the Indians drank cold, being sure that it is the source of wisdom and increases the potency, which is especially famous Montezuma. He was drinking in the day a large number of chocolatl, which, according to him, «young body and enlightened mind.»

In 1527 returnees Cortez brought the cocoa beans, but also a way of making chocolatl. In Spain, the drink is appreciated. Began a a regular supply from the cocoa plantations of Mexico, belong to the Cortes. All were treated to chocolate, became a state secret of the Kingdom of Spain, for its violation was executed more than 80 people. Chocolate was engaged in the Jesuit monks. Gradually, they began to add to the grated cocoa beans, honey, removed from recipe chili, and later for a pleasant smell began to add vanilla. For better solubility of the beverage was heated, and it was found that hot it tastes better.

In 1606, the Florentine Francesco Carletti, was the first to introduce this beverage in Italy. Carletti was able to learn how to cook chocolate at the nuns in the Mexican city of Oaxaca. Italians appreciated consumer properties of the product and the first to mass chocolate production. Chocolate has become one of the most profitable articles of import from Italy. Chocolate cafe began to open in all major cities of Italy, especially in Perugia. From Italy, chocolate was in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The king of Spain’s daughter Anne of Austria married French king Louis XIII and popularized a drink in France. Hot chocolate was a favorite drink of the French king Louis XIV and his spouse, Maria Theresa of Austria, said that more than anything in life loves her husband and chocolate. In 1621 the West India Company, which imported cocoa to Spain via the port of Amsterdam began to sell a small consignment of smuggled cocoa and foreign merchants. Thus, a raw material monopoly of the Spaniards was undermined completely.

How to make hot chocolate at home

Hot chocolate was quite strong, but later it began to add milk (it was first done by the British in 1700) which gave chocolate the necessary lightness. Since then the chocolate is much cheaper and accessible even to children.

In the middle of the XVIII century in France opened the first confectionery, where everyone could enjoy his favorite drink. By 1798, in Paris, there were nearly 500 such institutions. And in England the famous chocolate club house have become so popular that even eclipsed tea and coffee shops.

How to make hot chocolate at home

The amazing ability of cocoa to enhance the mood and increase vitality has long been seen by people. And when this drew the attention of scientists, it was found that biologically active substances contained in cocoa, increase efficiency, stimulate mental activity, improve memory and can even help people cope with depression by stimulating the production of «hormone of happiness — endorphin. Besides, unlike chocolate, cocoa can not spoil the figure.

Than hot chocolate different from hot cocoa? Hot chocolate is like melted sugar (remember what it looks like syrup, when the sugar melted on the stove); the melted chocolate contains cocoa butter which makes it richer and gives a glossy look. Cocoa is a powder that does not contain cocoa butter and very little fat. Cocoa powder can be dry milk, sugar, and aromatic additives.

Whole milk gives the hot chocolate an extra sweetness and creamy taste. But if You prefer low-fat or skim milk, don’t hesitate to use it. For a more pronounced butter flavor and increase the fat content of the drink can add about 50 grams. 20% cream. Although most people in the preparation of hot chocolate using milk, you can use the water. Water chocolate allows you to fully show your taste. But You lose the creamy taste and the fat content of the drink.

In hot chocolate you can add a little liqueur is pleasantly warm on cold evenings. 25-50 grams of liqueur – the perfect complement to the drink.

How to make thick hot chocolate

When you really want sweet…Composition:

      • 5 tbsp Cocoa
      • 0,5 Cup sugar
      • 3 tbsp sour Cream
      • 3 tbsp . of cognac or rum
      • 60 gr. Butter.


      Cocoa mix with sugar, add sour cream, brandy.

      Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

      Add butter. Stir.

      Pour into kremanku.

      Also, this chocolate can be used to fill the cake instead of frosting.

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