How to make beautiful and high-quality images

How to make beautiful and high-quality images

All the brightest moments of our lives we try to capture on film. A photograph is a frozen moment of life, a time when we were happy. So it’s nice to see the photo album, which contains only the best quality photos. But how can one learn to make such beautiful and high-quality images?

First you need to know some technical points. For example, a lot can solve insufficient lighting, and wrong placement of light sources. All of this can affect the quality of the photos. The light source in any case should not be in front of the lens. Because otherwise the silhouette will be very dark. The light should always fall on the lens from the photographer.

Also of great importance is the choice of background for photos. Any, even the best job can be a great spoiled by the wrong choice of background. The simpler and nezamyslovatye the picture, the better it looks on its background model. If you still need to change the background color, you can use a free online photoshop. Importantly, during post-processing of the frame is not to overdo it and not to turn a live model into a plastic dummy.

When shooting you should always find and use the palm rest. It can be a table, chair or any other object. If support is not, the camera in your hands may begin to tremble, and it is not the best way affect the quality of the pictures. Even a built-in stabilizer is not always able to fully cope with this problem.

If photographing is carried out in the dark, and in any case should not stray too far from its model. All because the flash can only illuminate the object, which is nearby.

And yet, the picture will look much harmonious, if we take into account some of the features.

If you take pictures from a sitting position, it is possible to achieve the effect in which the model’s legs will look much longer and slimmer.

But if you are dealing with a model in which a fairly full hips, it’s not a problem. They can visually reduce, placing the model in a half-turn and divert her foot from the lens

Models with a rather large facial features, I have to shoot slightly from above. Due to this, a face visually longer. But if you do the bottom, then the face will look much worse than it really is.

Owners of the big eyes, it is better not to forgive to look into the lens. Better for them to glance slightly to the side, so gases come out much prettier and more expressive.

Dealing with a person who has long nose, in any case it is not necessary to remove it with lowered head. For it is more appropriate shooting from the front or slightly to the side.

In the end, you should always remember that the best photos are those where the person looks happy. So for good photos you should be able to catch those cherished moments of happiness.

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