How to make an extra partition in the apartment

How to make an extra partition in the apartment

In the repair of apartments very often there are situations that a typical set of rooms does not meet the requirements of the residents. In such cases, the basic solution would be to make an additional partition in the apartment.

Of course, any partition takes place, so before you begin construction, you should prepare everything very carefully and seek assistance to professional architects that will develop competent architectural project redevelopment apartment. To save on the project is not necessary, because any alterations to an existing structure, requires approval from the regulatory authorities and registration in BTI.

Choose the material

The choice of material from which to build the partition wall occurs at the design stage. Typically, partitions are used such materials as:

  • brick
  • drywall
  • decorative plastic panels or chipboard panels.

Define the type of partition

At the design stage it is necessary to determine the type of partition. In this task, you need to clearly understand what is required of a partition. Whether it will be capital and will serve to separate rooms for several full or partition should only perform a decorative function. Will be in the partition door , and which. All measurements can be made using the application for smartphone, which are described here setphone/prilozheniya/luchshie-prilozheniya-dlya-remonta/. This will save you from having to wear cumbersome instrumentation.

Soundproofing and thermal insulation of partitions also depends on the functionality. For making a decorative partition makes no sense to do a full soundproofing and insulation. But in the case of construction of permanent partitions, this question becomes relevant.

For the full sound insulation using special sound-proofing materials, and the variety is quite high and depends on the final effect you want to get from the cost of materials. When the device insulation should be remembered that up to the final wall thickness will increase from 3 to 6 cm

Insulation is also an important factor in device major partitions. This is especially true for corner units or at the confluence of the room with a balcony. The materials from which it is possible to perform complete thermal insulation – a lot. The choice depends on the financial possibilities of the owner and his desire. It is believed that a good insulation is achieved by using Styrofoam. Any insulating material is closed fine layer of drywall, which also increases the thickness of the partition.

The construction of the partition

During the construction of the partition, as already mentioned, you can use different materials, but we must not forget that there are General rules that should be followed:

  • The location of the walls must be properly prepared. Do not have extra garbage at the junction of the septum with the floor, the floor must be dismantled to the ground, as well as the junction of partitions and ceilings.
  • When mounting the partitions in advance to pave all communications and to hide them in the technological holes.
  • Technology to comply with work or other finishing material.
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