How to make a skating rink on the site

How to make a skating rink on the site

Skating is one of the most popular entertainments in the winter time. This healthy pastime most people associate with much joy and lots of fun. To make a rink at home is not as difficult so it seems. Consider this process in more detail.

Where to start building a rink?

The inhabitants of large towns it is possible to drive on rollers under the open sky, which usually build stadiums or rinks with artificial ice, as well as indoor premises. The construction of these large ice fields is done by professionals such as the company «PROXIMA». But those who live in the private sector or spends most of his life at his country cottage, this opportunity to have fun and improve health, is minimized.

But do not worry, because the territory of the suburban area independently, you can make your miniature rink. For the implementation of this idea need only a water source located near the proposed construction. Then, using a hose of sufficient length can be fast enough to implement the plans. The size of the rink is calculated on request and depending on the size of the site, but to ride comfortably allow configuration of a minimum of 15 to 20 meters.

Preparing the rink

Started to fill the rink, from the place of the planned deployment, you should clear the snow, and in such a way that every edge was another 2 meters of free space, there will be falling snow in further clearing. Next, in a designated location on the perimeter of your future rink must be dug out of the snow boards. What height to build the sides is not essential and depends on the amount of snowpack in the area and free time. There is only one condition – the height of the fencing should be sufficient to determine the contour of the rollers and obstacles of spreading of the water beyond the perimeter. Before pouring the water field, the ice rink, it is desirable to make smooth, then the ride will be much more comfortable.

Fill the rink

The main point in the construction of the winter playgrounds for skiing, of course, is her hydrated. But first, you must fill in the sides, which should be carefully washed them with a hose. After solidification of the rim, you are ready to fill the rink pre-moistened snow spray. The ice must be at least 10 cm, which prevents it from chipping and rubbing to the ground while riding. The best time to fill with afternoon and evening (water is poured in several stages), and this night the frost will help to make a great smooth ice. Ride can be had the next night.

If your site is not enough snow to make the sides, and the ability to wait for a no or just no desire, it is possible to protect the circuit of the rink with easy boards.

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