How to make a septic tank for the house?

How to make a septic tank for the house

How to make a septic tank for a home of their own? More recently, the term «septic tank» was not known as of now. At the moment, most already have an idea about what was going on. Of course, this is one of the key elements in the system called Autonomous sewer. And better heard about it those who has the cottage, country house or cottage, and must resolve the issue with the drainage and treatment of waste liquids.

The majority of hosts in a private household seeking construction of domestic problems to solve on their own. While it is cheaper and more reliable. So, how to build a septic tank with their hands, on the nuances necessary to pay attention? This is what will be discussed further.

What is meant by a septic tank and what does it do?

First, let define what is meant by the term «septic tank». According to SNiP (2.04.03-85) a septic tank is a device for purification of household liquid waste by mechanical means. The tertiary treatment process may be carried out:

  • on the field (underground filtration);
  • with gravel-sand filter;
  • in the trench intended for the filter;
  • in wells with filter functions.

In other words, under the septic tank, you should understand component of the chain of treatment facilities. As final wastewater treatment is not provided.

Please note: according to SNiP in the function of the septic tank includes a preliminary purification of liquid from soluble substances, the fermentation of the sediment and subsequent mineralization.

What can be the septic tank? The differences between various types of septic tanks

Septic tanks vary in number of cameras, which can be 1, 2 or 3.

Why the need for cameras? Ultimately, the quality of cleaning does not affect the number of cameras, and the residence time of the liquid in the septic tank. That considerable importance is attached to the dimensions of the device. A larger volume of the chamber allows longer drains in it. Consequently, the more efficient is the cleaning process.

However, the volume of the septic tank should be commensurate with the volume of incoming fluid content. Too big a size, too, to anything, as

  • sinking to the bottom of solid particles will occur unevenly (at the beginning of reservoir sediment will accumulate more than at the end);
  • might have difficulty with a full cleaning of the buildings and will have to equip it a few more hatches.

How to make a septic tank with their hands?

You should first decide on the type of construction, that is, to select the number of cameras and corresponding dimensions. All work starts with the device extraction chambers. They may be made from standard concrete rings.

To determine the dimensions of the construction you can use the following hint:

  • one camera processing of 1 m3 of wastewater per day;
  • two cameras clean up to 10 m3 of wastewater per day;
  • three camera consumption more than 10 m3 of wastewater per day.

Important! The septic tank with 2 chambers capacity of the first chamber should be 75% of the volume in General, the device with 3 cameras 50%, the other two should receive 25%. But of concrete rings or Euro cube camera will be equal in volume.

The last cell structures should include the withdrawal of special wastewater purification plants for the final stage of purification.

However, the estate conventional homeownership, the construction of such structures is not economically feasible due to high costs. Therefore, the best option to create a sewage systemin which the final stage of purification of waste water would be managed outside the system of post-treatment underground. So the release makes sense to build through the Foundation.

Please note: the project to develop Autonomous Sewerage system (both inside and outside) must in the period of laying the Foundation.

Therefore, it is important to understand the location of the networks in the building, and pipes outside of the house and between the house and septic tank. These points will be needed when routing the output through the Foundation of the sewer pipe.

Of course, the hole in the base of the house can be punched and at the end of construction of the house. But here is not enough without additional expenses of time and financial resources. If all the plan, then the foundations of the house and just leave the hole size a little more than a sewer pipe. When laying the pipe the trench this hole will bring the pipe from inside the house to the street. The remaining space between the pipe and the base to close any filler.

Note: equipping a septic tank in a private house, should take care of the installation of a pipe for admission into the chamber of fresh air. Only with this addition of a septic tank bacterial activity, functioning in it, will be the most effective.

There are two versions of the output of sewer pipe from the house:

  • immediately place the septic tank;
  • first, to equip the indoor fan risers.

The latter method allows you to eliminate the discharge of domestic sewage and fetid odors spreading throughout the house.

How to mount the pipe to the outside?

Practically there is no substitute at the moment, sewage pipes made of plastic. In this case , the intersection of sewage and septic tank will be different low weight, ease of installation, resistance to frost. And also a perception of significant loads. But today someone else is applying pipe made of cast iron or asbestos-cement.

When mounting the pipe it is important to adjust the tilt. It needs to equal a value of 2 cm per running meter of the pipe. This rule ensures the smooth functioning of the pipe without clogging. You also need to pay attention to some nuances. For example, at the bottom should be kept natural ground, at the junction of pipes you need to put stones or bricks, on top of pipe fill sand, it is ground and thoroughly tamped.

It’s need to know, if you decide to do a septic tank on their own.

The article is written based on materials from the site masterseptika

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