How to make a photo with blurred background?

How to make a photo with blurred background?

Almost every aspiring photographer asked the question: «how to make a photo with blurred background?». Pictures with blurred background always attract attention, they want to look, they are very like a natural picture, as it is seen by our eyes. Here are a few secrets on how to photograph, to get a blurred background.

Blurred background in photography can make any camera, only your creativity will be limited by the modes and aperture value, but all the same it is possible. If you are in the hands of the «SLR», you’ll focus the camera on any object and make the background blurred.

Of course, long lens is easier. All known photos of birds, mainly they are made using the long lens.


On most cameras for lovers there is a feature that allows you to blur the background. It is commonly referred to A-DEP, it is used mainly people who have recently begun to photograph or photo is made with flash. If you make artistic pictures, it is better to adjust the camera yourself.

For a start it is desirable to set the aperture value to the minimum. It is recommended to shoot in aperture mode. This mode on different machines represent different, for example: Nikon is file «A», Canon «Av». Putting in this mode, the desired aperture value, the shutter speed will be automatically processed. Many photographers like to work in «aperture priority» when shooting portraits and macro photography. Still life photography, and advertising photography, sometimes also uses the blur effect of the background where he later placed the ad text or title.


The macro mode is also easy to make the background blurry, but in this mode shoot small objects with a small distance. On all cameras it is indicated by a «flower». Putting this mode, you point the camera and press the shutter button, it focuses on their own. For large objects and large distances it is not intended, it starts to blur the image.

Portraits on a blurred background

Using «aperture priority» you can also make a background, photographing a genre portrait or a large object at a great distance. In this mode, will remain a clear image of a person or object.


  • For shooting to withstand the maximum zoom, it is better to make an optical approximation, this will help keep the quality of the recording.
  • We need to move away from your subject and take test shots to make sure enough blurred background.
  • In order to avoid blurring of the object image are better off using a tripod.

Now you know how to make a photo with the background blurred. Practice, learn, shoot more and you will learn how to obtain such pictures as you want!

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