How to make a gun with their hands

How to make a gun with their hands

For application to various surfaces of the paints and varnishes you can make a simple spray with his hands. It can be useful not only for repair – it can be used, for example, to water different plants. Making a homemade spray gun will be described below.

What are the requirements to be met by this camera?

They were easy to use. It needs to be mobile, have low weight, small dimensions. It needs to be easy to operate. To make meets all the above requirements gun with their hands at home, you can use the material most people have at hand.

Purchased as spray guns are relatively expensive, in order that the homemade kind are not inferior to industrial, it will be necessary to follow all recommendations that are given below.

If it is not made gross errors, it is possible to obtain an apparatus which can provide high-quality coating with paint or varnish any surface.

The manufacturer of the spray gun with your hands

First you need to stock up on materials and tools, which are listed below. Then begins the process of creating atomizer:

  1. Many have sealing foam, which is often used for insulation of balconies of different or for acoustic insulation in interior walls or the outer surfaces of the drywall. Take a piece of the dense foam and cut him with a knife construction a billet of the desired shape, the form of which will be completely determined by the vessel that you want to use for dye. You can take any bottle. You only need her to have as wide a neck. And the foam part, which are cut, have the bottom part snugly fit into the selected vessel.
  2. On the outer part of this element is necessary to make some fine holes. This operation is done using drills and drill bits. In another method, you can damage the treated foam. Therefore it is not necessary to experiment, and try to burn them.
  3. First make a hole in the top of the foam parts. When the time comes to do the surgery, you can instead of focusing to the advantage of the chosen plug of the bottle, which was designed for the spray gun.
  4. It is necessary to insert the rod from the handle (hollow). For this you can use the ballpoint cartridge, which is cut to the desired length.
  5. The second hole should be drilled in the horizontal plane. It set case ball-point pens, which have to be trimmed accordingly.
  6. All the nodes together. Figure 1. In a vessel pour the paint or varnish. Then spray this substance from the selected surface. For this it is necessary to blow into the tube made from the body of the pen.

To this unit to adjust to the desired level, the pressure and the jet comes out of the mixture, it is necessary to manually move the cartridge and the pen body. Plays an important role and the power with which a person blows into a tube. Not to splash the surface at the initial moment the flow of the air stream into the apparatus, it is necessary to direct it to the side, and then gently move the IED to paint the selected surface.

To use the above tool to make a beautiful, decorative thin coating layer, it is necessary to have experience in producing similar works, a lot of patience, and need plenty of spent paint or varnish. The above-described spray gun can create a texture, overlaid with medium or large drops of paint.

They can be made of different structural imitation stone or wood. For painting furniture by using this simple spray need to gain some experience, otherwise can form undesirable streaks.

Tools and materials to create a homemade gun

  1. Dense foam.
  2. The housing and cartridge of a ballpoint pen.
  3. Bottle with a wide throat.
  4. Hand drill with a thin drill.
  5. Saw blade.
  6. Construction knife, ruler.

This design is so simple that it begins to act immediately after manufacture. But this is only in the case when correctly performed all manufacturing operations for its creation.

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