How to make a fence of corrugated Board?


Practice shows that a fence of corrugated Board the most advantageous option from the point of view of financial costs. There are ways to significantly reduce the cost of design, while maintaining functionality.

Putting a cheap fence of corrugated, owner of a suburban area gets resistant to weather conditions, windage, temperature extremes building.

Preparations for the construction of a fence of corrugated Board

Before started the installation of a fence of corrugated Board, you should do three things:

  • To acquire the necessary tools (rental, purchase);
  • Prepare the site for the works;
  • Calculate and purchase materials.

For self-construction of the fence will need tools of two types:

  • want to buy: roulette, nylon thread, angle grinder, sledgehammer;
  • cheaper to rent a hand drill, welding machine, metal scissors, screwdriver.

This is a basic set that will allow you to make a layout, measure the length and height of the pillars, trim off the excess metal, drill recesses for the support rails connect the joists to attach the leaves to the base.

Site preparation involves the demolition of the old building, if any, mowing of grass, removing roots of trees or shrubs. It is necessary to mark the future site of the fence, scoring the corners of the temporary posts and pulling the thread.

To calculate the material should determine the type of fencing. Distinguish the solid construction, with stone pillars and a fence made of metal fence under the key.

Use two calculation modes: manual (formulas) and automated (online calculators). In any case, it is necessary to determine the height, length of construction, type of Foundation (strip, bar), number of transversal log.

Manual for the construction of a fence of corrugated Board

 Let’s consider the stages of installation of a fence of corrugated Board:

  • determine the location of the poles on the layout line. Usually they are placed at a distance of 2-3 m from each other;
  • using the drill, make a recess depth of at least 1/3 of the length of the support. If the allotment is in a cold climate zone, it is better to deepen the pillar, below the level of soil freezing;
  • complete excavation of the gravel pad to a height of 15-20 cm;
  • paste the metal supports round or square cross-section;
  • fill with concrete mix to ground level remained 0.5 meters. For its preparation take 3 parts gravel, 3 parts sand and 1 bucket of cement;
  • tightly fit an excavation filled with roofing material and fill sand. Leave support alone for 3 days;
  • set the horizontal joists by welding at the rate of 1 lag up to 80 cm height of the fence. Use welding machine;
  • attach the corrugated sheet or metal grid using the self tapping screws.

Rules and guidelines

  • in the areas exposed to the wind rose, step between the pillars do less;
  • between the extreme ends of the letters and the ground level, you should leave a 20 cm gap so that you can mow the grass. It contributes to corrosion;
  • After the installation of fences, metal frame and welds coated with primer protective enamel or paint.
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