How to make a doorway in a brick wall

How to make a doorway in a brick wall

When remodeling an apartment, sometimes you need to make a hole in the interior walls. This task can be solved independently, if you follow a certain sequence. Let’s see how to do during a repair without the help of professional builders.

Preparation is an important stage of any repairs

You’ll need the following kit of tools:

  • large angle grinder;
  • the disk of stone;
  • household hammer;
  • a long, thin drill;
  • nozzle in the form of a spear.
  • measuring tape;
  • a pencil or marker;
  • building level;
  • trowel bricklayer;
  • pick or hammer;
  • capacity under the solution.

Begin to dismantle

Dismantling of brick begins with the markup. Decide on the location of the door frame, then draw using a level and pencil line. They should be clearly visible as when using the grinder in the air rises a lot of dust.

Having marked the wall, drill with hammer drill a few holes to get the landmarks on the opposite side of the divider. Thus, the level of the maximum coincide with each other.

The next step is to cut the wall with grinder. The operation is performed in two steps. First, saw through the partition the entire depth of the disc for all the designated lines. Then do the same on the other hand, in order to cut the brick from the main massif.

Now disassemble the clutch components. Convenient to knock the stones with hammer, equipped with a special attachment. Try to drive the face not in the thickness of bricks and cement-sand mortar. In its structure it is softer and faster indestructible.

Complete the creation of the doorway

The doorway is almost ready, it remains to construct a cofferdam to prevent precipitation of the building material. As a support usually use rebar and large diameter, angles, metal, or finished concrete product.

To set the bar, knock at the top of the doorway one brick on each side. Lay in the niche of mortar mixed with broken rubble and put the rest of the jumper so that she was singing the last row of masonry.

The basis of rebar is recommended in addition to cement. To do this, make a small formwork with a narrow wooden Board. Fill it with the mixture and press gently with the bottom resting against a vertical stanchion. For several days the solution solidifies, joining the parts into a unified whole.

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