How to make a cosmetic repair of apartments

How to make a cosmetic repair of apartments

The most affordable way to upgrade the facilities of the apartment is a cosmetic repair. Usually, when planning it, we include such jobs as painting the wood or other surface types, wallpapering. But there are other tasks that can be performed. What kind of job?

One of the conditions for minor repairs – maintaining all engineering structures and communications. Repairs can be directed only to the visual design refresh. Moreover, ceilings can be installed without any additional changes to basic structures. Also it is possible to make the replacement window frames and laying tile coverings. It is necessary to plan the work phases and to calculate the cost of repairing the apartment. Budgeting of construction and finishing materials will give you a clear idea about the required amount of funds.

How to prepare your space?

To repair is not delayed for an indefinite amount of time, it is necessary to organize the space. For this all things to make better in pre-prepared room. It will also protect them from unintentional damage. Heavy-duty cabinets can be contracted to the center of the room, covered with a dense film. If the floor is in good condition and not in need of repair, it also can be enjoyed. Electricity is de-energized, remove all external items from switches and sockets. On top, you need to stick masking tape.

How to prepare the ceiling and walls?

It is necessary to free them from old Wallpaper and lime. If the Wallpaper is badly removed, you can use the roller dipped in water. Citrate is also washed off with water. Old paint can be removed using a spatula. You must take care of thorough cleaning of the walls and ceiling, leaving a clean, no remnants of the old wall materials.

Should remove the old paint from painted surfaces?

So, if it is cracked and has an unattractive appearance. Ways of removing paint from wooden surfaces is time-consuming and require a lot of time and great patience. Enamel and oil paints can be removed, if applied over a special chemical ingredient. After some time, it should scrape off. The thermal method, based on hot air, requires no special equipment – dryer for completion of this work.

How to handle prepared to repair the wall?

For this it is necessary to inspect surfaces for the presence of bulges or cracks. Cement mortar should be used for repairs of cracks and potholes. Then, the entire surface is treated with primer. To align the surfaces, use putty, which after drying, must be sanded the entire wall, using sandpaper. To carry out all works from the top down.

As pokleit Wallpaper?

Method of gluing depends on the type of Wallpaper. You should be aware of the pattern of the Wallpaper, in order to understand how much must be cut to match the image on the wall. Better to start with angle. Well, for beginners, it is better to choose Wallpaper without a pattern, then the process is greatly simplified. To glue better after eliminating any drafts in the room.

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