How to maintain health, working on the computer?

Today the influence of the computer on the body of a person causing a lot of controversy. Many believe that the only impact it has is negative. However, direct evidence is still there. However, people a lot of time sitting at the computer, definitely at risk of health problems.

One of the effects is electromagnetic radiation.

Today, most LCD monitors, they have no influence on the human body. Radiation can occur from the old radiation monitors.

The next myth blurred vision.

In fact, when the eyes feel the load no more than when reading books or watching TV. Modern monitors are characterized by a minimum frequency flicker. You just do simple exercises for the eyes every 30-40 minutes of work. you need to close your eyes or to make a rotational eye movement. Thus, you will minimize the harmful effects of computer.

It is also very important to correctly configure the monitor in order not to break your perception of color and light. do it better with the help of professional calibrators screen, but in their absence you can use the Windows built-in tools.

Indeed it is, because sitting at the computer, we mainly much print. In this case, you will help simple exercises for your joints. Every 30-40 minutes to stretch your hands clench into fists or free shake.

Computer affects the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

As you know, a sedentary lifestyle no one benefits. Most often, when this way of life people suffer from calcification and curvature of the spine. In this case, the help of simple physical exercises – squats, regular walking, etc. it is Important to remember balanced posture while working, and properly adjusted chair.

When working at the computer there is an Allergy to dust and other substances that accumulate in your keyboard.

The computeris probably more technical means accumulates on its surface dust, which can be a serious allergen. The keyboard can be other bacteria and germs. This can only help a personal hygiene and periodic cleaning of dust. Computer clean from dust with a vacuum cleaner.

The computer adversely affects the human nervous system.

This applies above all to children and adolescents. Experts have long been sounding the alarm for this reason. Remember yourself in the 9-12 years – you disappeared for hours on the street. Now the children are mostly at home in front of a computer. The psyche of children exposed to heavy loads. Long sitting at the computer causes addiction in children and adolescents. In addition there are disorders of appetite, suffer from insomnia and absent mindedness. Psychologists point out the sad fact that children gradually cease to communicate in the real world. It is much easier to connect with friends on social networks or write SMS from phone.

Long stay in front of computer is bad and an adult. This may be a nervous stress and other manifestations of a negative character.

It is desirable to be at the computer for a short time and does not disrupt your normal routine.

If you follow the simple rules of stay on the computer, you can minimize its effect on your body.

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