How to learn photography — tips for beginners

How to learn photography - tips for beginners

To learn to take pictures by yourself, is actually not very difficult. There are many resources for beginning photographers, many of them free. When you are just starting to be photographed, it is better to use a digital camera with a large memory. If you are an aspiring photographer and not yet understand this business, these tips should help.

Study the camera

Carefully read the instructions that came with the camera. If you have purchased a film or digital camera, you should learn how to adjust the shutter speed and aperture manually. Then take a few photos to understand how your camera. First, you should obtain technical skill using the camera and then you can move on to the artistic elements of photography.

Some modern cameras, such as Fujifilm Instax 210, have a built-in printer allow you to print pictures immediately after shooting. It is very convenient and practical.


The rules of composition

Follow the «rule of thirds». This rule States that the basic composition of the photo should be divided into nine separate sections, separated by two horizontal and two vertical lines. Visualize the imaginary line running across your composition whenever you pick up the camera. For example, if you are photographing a landscape, place the horizon or in the lower or upper third of the image. It costst much stronger and more vivid image than if you placed the horizon right in the middle of the image.

Use INFLUENZA and lighting

Read about such a thing as «depth of field» or the FLU. The depth of field of your photo determines how much of the frame is in focus. It is better to use the camera with the setup because it gives you more control over this. Experiment with depth of field and you will see how this affects the image. The main rule: the main object should be in focus, and secondary – out-of-focus.

Learn the «three point lighting«. Three-point lighting system is that you put the main light on your main subject, then place the dimmer more diffuse light that fills in on the opposite side. After that you set the backlight behind the subject to separate it from the background. You can place an additional fourth background light directly on the background.

Practice, practice, practice. Remember that not every photograph that you took to be successful. Because of possible errors it is better to choose a digital camera, not film. When you make a bad frame on a digital camera, you will not regret about the lost film. This gives you the freedom to experiment, which is very important in photography.

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