How to learn how to photograph SLR camera?

How to learn how to photograph SLR camera?

When we first met with friends , the question arises: in what mode and what settings for good quality pictures? It is known that an SLR camera has a wide range of settings, the skillful use of which turns photos into works of art. Below are suggested basic guidelines for using SLR camera for beginners.

The main parameters affecting the quality of the image – setting of shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO. By adjusting these parameters, you can over time achieve higher quality photos. Now on each indicator in more detail.


Iris gives you the ability to maintain focus on a smaller area of the frame or the whole frame. In essence the diaphragm is a measure that characterizes how much the subject is in focus. This feature is called depth of field. The wider the aperture, the more blurred the background. When shooting landscape, so that the whole picture was as clear as possible, it is recommended that the diaphragm cover. So can avoid blur in the pictures.


Exposure is the time during which the camera will perceive the world. Minimum shutter speed recommended for photographing moving subjects, such as children’s party or sports event. It should be noted that the lower the number characterizing the aperture, the higher the exposure. YOU can try taking photos with different settings on the SLR camera simulator, which there are several types on the Internet.

White balance

Properly adjusted white balance will give the photo realistic color of objects being viewed. At the wrong white balance, most likely, not to avoid yellow or blue shades.

ISO sensitivity matrix

ISO, or sensitivity matrix, is the parameter that when set properly, which, it turns out photos with a minimum amount of noise and maximum clarity without smudging. Depending on the lighting and speed of movement of the subject has the ability to regulate the increased the ISO from 100 to limit the device’s capabilities. In fact, the regulation ISO ranges need cameras in the world.

In addition, the mirror camera it is possible to use the automatic setting. So the camera will adjust all the parameters listed above and bring them to the average optimum value. In this case, no need to learn the nuances of the settings, simply navigate to the auto and get a good quality photo that the skillful handling in the photo editor will be able to compete with the photos taken on manual settings.

SLR camera there are many more secrets that will open up new opportunities for the photographer. A detailed study of the abilities of the camera opens new ways of taking pictures.

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