How to keep heat in the house?

How to keep heat in the house?

How to keep heat in the house? this question has become very relevant in our difficult times. To maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, you need to study: what areas of the house need insulation and how to do it correctly. No matter from which built the house, enough to spend on the purchase of insulation small (about 1 percent of total expenditures) and this will help reduce the cost of heating the room by a considerable amount (about 30 % per month).

Calculations of heat saving

But about maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house need to think already during its design. This will help in advance to choose the best design scheme and materials. Thus, the construction will be calculated characteristics of heat insulation. In these calculations it is first necessary to correctly choose the ratio of the area of the walls of the house to its capacity. It should not be less than 0.9.

The second important point in the project will be the calculation of the thickness of the insulation, in this case it is necessary to eliminate «bridges» cold. It is also important to correctly design the design of window lintels, the scheme of reinforcement, location of balcony slabs. In addition, the loss heat during operation of the house will help eliminate the proper device ventilation.

How to avoid heat loss?

The proper functioning of ventilation is very important as it affects the life of the house and the health of its inhabitants. Undoubtedly, the conservation of heat in the house will largely depend on the characteristics of Windows that will be installed in the house. We must always remember that the greatest heat loss give the walls of the house, as it is the largest area of contact with the street. The insulation of the walls, both inside and outside. And yet, the outer insulation has several advantages. Since it is located outside the walls, in addition to saving heat in the house, reduces wear of the walls of the building, protecting them from external factors, thus prolongs the service life of the structure.

Typically, as thermal insulation material polystyrene foam, mineral wool or basalt insulation, and they are attached to the outside with a system of suspended ventilated facade or plaster. Internal insulation is only used when you do not want to hide the beautiful exterior design of the wall.

It is important to remember that the insulation need not only walls, but also foundations and floors on ground, basement. Usually polystyrene is an inexpensive insulation viagrasalethis. It is also important to consider the maximum tightness of Windows and doors. Here you need to choose the right design of the window or door and use different gaskets.

We have not raised the issue of the insulation of the roof. The option of insulation of the roof depends on the roof construction and the material used to cover and from what we have upstairs – attic or floor.

In addition, to ensure high-quality continuous work of the boiler at full power, experts recommend the use of thermal batteries. Also, they can save up to 20% of fuel!

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