How to keep clean water in the pool?

How to keep clean water in the pool?

How to keep clean water in the pool? This question is the majority of owners of private houses on the territory of which has a pool. Indeed, the influence of the external environment, the probability of debris entry and constant bathing, gradually make the water very dirty. In this article we will discuss how to extend the period during which the water in your pool will stay clean.

Treatment of the pool water chemical substances is carried out only when there is proper water circulation and a properly functioning filter installation. The purity of the water contained in the pool, does the value of liquid acidity and chlorine content. In the reservoirs it is recommended to maintain the value of the acidity 7,0-7,4 units, and chlorine – 0,3-1,2 unit that varies only within certain rules. All the necessary chemicals to clean the pool water can be purchased on the website chemoform/.

Under the influence of the swimming people, the environment or other factors, the acidity level and the chlorine in the water poured into the basin for bathing, changing during the day. Measure the pH level of pool water. In excess acidity of its normal value characteristic pH drops added to the water pH Minus. Low acidity level to normal is increased by adding pH Plus. Then waits a short period of time during which the leveling of the values of acidity.

If deviations are 0.1-0.3 units, the procedure of adjustment of the acidity is carried out in a few hours. In excess of acidity of the water values of the interval is equal to 0.4-0.5 units, the time of the procedure increases, and is divided into 2 or 3 days to protect the lining any pool. After aligning the level of acidity added increased dose of chlorine product for disinfecting swimming pool water for swimming, and within 2-3 days banned swimming in the pond.

The room where the pool, you need to ventilate to remove vapors of chlorine, and after normalization of the concentrations of this substance are allowed to swim. Chemicals are used not on time, and according to the tester. In public pools tested the water 1 time every 2 hours, as in private waters to swim 1 time a day. Before filling chemicals into the pool to measure the level of acidity of the water. Normal value of this feature allows you to add the drug into the reservoir.

In correctly treated water are tiny particles who are not able to retain free of contamination filter. In the water 1 time per week-soluble flocculants are attracted to, are grouped together and become larger particles that then are detained by the filter.

Despite the use of disinfectants, the water is constantly changing there is a certain amount of algae, which resists a large amount of chlorine. Algae are eliminated concentrated polymer liquid algaecide. Substance, not forming foam, used in pools equipped with fountains and massage jets.

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