How to insulate the Foundation with polystyrene foam?

How to insulate the Foundation with polystyrene foam?

The Styrofoam insulation of house Foundation : what are the benefits? How to do it properly? This will be discussed in this article.

Insulation basement foam

Insulation basement foam today believe the best way to keep heat in the house and prevent it from freezing. fundamentclub/zashhita/uteplenie-fundamenta-penopolistirolom-texnologiya.html the name of the material is still extruded foam or briefly Epps. It has a great durability and easy installation. These qualities made it popular.

What this type of insulation is best?

The material has such qualities:

  • high characteristics of heat insulation, it is frost-resistant;
  • not destroyed by rapid temperature changes;
  • vapor tight;
  • in plates with Epps has notches, so that they quickly mounted and cut in any direction;
  • the surface does not require alignment;
  • the cost is quite affordable.

The disadvantages of conventional foam, extruded polystyrene insulation has not. But the technology and insulation of the Foundation with Styrofoam is another, and the cost is a little higher.

How to insulate Foundation with extruded polystyrene foam on their own?

Insulation basement foam consists of several stages. They can be run independently:

  1. To prepare for the insulation of the Foundation. For this the Foundation must be dug trenches. Surface must be free from crumbling pieces of concrete and earth.
  2. To choose a heater. It is necessary to consider the thickness of the sheets and their quality.
  3. To waterproofing. Covering the foundations of bitumen mastic or other materials.
  4. To carry out installation of extruded material the underground part of the Foundation of the house. Such work is performed with polyurethane glue. Then hot bitumen cannot be used. You can even use a special attachment.
  5. To accomplish the protection of insulation against mechanical damage. Because this material is prone to mechanical damage. It can also damage the rodents. So there is no metal mesh can not do
  6. To create a reliable drainage system. This will help to remove the moisture from the Foundation and to reduce freezing of the Foundation of the house. Perform this step after drying of the insulation layer. The drainage system is a set of pipes with branches.
  7. Insulate basement Styrofoam. Insulated this part of the Foundation similar to underground.
  8. After a few days when the glue dries, the insulation boards are fixed to the wall with dowels.
  9. In addition to insulating the basement is mandatory insulation and even soil around the house. This is done using a blind area, which should have a slight angle to the side of the building opposite the house. This is done to drain rainwater and melt water.
  10. Decorative to make the base.

Such insulation in modern construction is considered to be one of the best ways. But it should be remembered that insulation technology Foundation with polystyrene foam cannot be used for insulation of foundations, which will continue to experience increased load from the ground. Then it is better to opt for more durable insulation material, for example polyurethane foam or polystyrene plate.

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