How to install the socket without errors?

How to install the socket without errors?

The need to install the socket occurs not so seldom. Someone decided to change the old socket to the new, and some are installing such device on a different place in the room. Socket used to connect various devices to the network of electric current. It is no secret that almost all household appliances without electricity to work just not.

Sockets are of two types. This separation is due to the very nature of electrical wiring. It can be external and hidden, which takes place in the wall. Accordingly this type of there are sockets. The process of installing the sockets is simple, but requires certain knowledge and skills. Connect sockets of both types exactly the same. The only difference is the mount them on the wall. For sockets designed for internal wiring required box in which it is inserted.

External socket

It is used where open wiring is made of electric wires. As a rule, this takes place in buildings of wood. Of course, in aesthetic terms, a socket is inferior to a hidden device. But here more emphasis is put on safety. Because wooden structures are easily susceptible to fire, an outdoor wiring method allows to identify all problem areas and eliminate them in time.

Outlet versed, and its base is screwed to the wall. If the wall is made of wood, it is necessary between it and the device to make the strip of non-combustible material, for example from paronite. The terminals are connected and fixed wire. The base socket is superimposed and fixed decorative cap. This device can be considered collected. Naturally, all work should be carried out at the disconnected electricity.

Internal socket

Here are a few other principle of the installation. To lock the socket in the wall, you need a special box, which serves as the container for the device. Earlier boxes were made of metal. Now available in plastic boxes. In a hole in the wall insert the item. Mounted box with screws. If the wall is made of drywall, then it sell special boxes with ears. When you purchase should take into account that the diameter of the plastic boxes is somewhat less than metal. And since now almost all sockets are manufactured for plastic boxes, with the installation of the metal element, the length of the lugs may not be enough.

From the outlet, Unscrew the cap and base are inserted into the box. With the adjusting screws lugs lock the socket in the box. Then join the wires. The fixing screws should be carried out thoroughly, since bad contact in the operation of the outlet will warm up. The unit is covered by a trim strip. After that, connect electricity and test the socket in action.

In order to less likely to change the sockets in your home, it is recommended to buy high quality components. You can go to the website sells outlet online store and choose the brand you trust.

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