How to install a window sill in the apartment?

How to install a window sill in the apartment?

How to install a window sill in the apartment? This question is raised in the final stages of construction or repair. In this article we will examine the types and methods of installation modern window sills.

Choose a window sill

The window sill is an element (Board or panel) window, which is located at the bottom of the opening. Horizontally put inside the room, he gives the window a finished appearance.

Made Windows made of wood, natural stone and composite materials. The entire range of modern window sills can be viewed on the website etamstone/podokonniki. The device does not allow to get cold air flow in the room and the property, is an indisputable factor in the application.

Principal sills

Wooden window sills

Wooden window sills retain heat well and create a sense of comfort in the home, prolong the life, which can help with painting, first impregnate the surface with a special solution. This will protect the structure from moisture. It is worth considering that the strength and reliability of the device depends largely on the wood.

There are several types of installation of window sills made of wood, which differ in the method of fixation.

This applies to:

  1. cement mortar;
  2. two-component polyurethane foam;
  3. a special glue;
  4. brackets;
  5. holding bracket.

Consider the popular view of the installation of wooden window sill in the stone and brick walls, with foam.

Technology the production process consists of the following steps:

  1. clearing the grooves;
  2. the fit Board for a given size;
  3. coating product antiseptic composition;
  4. substrate preparation (leveling, grinding and the like);
  5. waterproofing of the deck;
  6. putting down beacons with a slope of 1-2%;
  7. the application of the joints of the sill with the other elements (the bottom part of the window and slopes) special silicone sealant;
  8. installation design (under a quarter of the frame) and validation (level) of the variance.
  9. foam padding the bottom of the space under the window sill;
  10. verification of mounting hardware and final sealing foam.

Sills of laminated veneer lumber

Perfect replacement sills of solid wood became glued laminated timber. Consists of 3 layers that combine to go in different directions from each other, which gives a constructive element strength and resistance to weather conditions. To give the product a natural wood appearance – its laminated. This operation gives the element additional rigidity.

The sills of MDF

Manufacturers produce ready low window sills of MDF panels which are installed at a low height (less than 700 mm). These products can have a different configuration and coloring. You can choose any size any design.

Sills of chipboard

Sills of chipboard is a plate made of wood particles (chips) that is definitely laminated. Design of a material capable of withstanding high mechanical loads and, thanks to water-resistance that can be used in high humidity areas. Building market offers various colors and types of this product. A big plus is the ability of a plate of laminated chipboard, to resist temperature variations.

Plastic window sills

When choosing a plastic window sills need to pay attention to the processing of the surface with a special film to protect against mechanical damage. Sometimes, instead melaminovye coating that increases wear resistance.

Of the advantages of such structures include:

  1. the ease and speed of installation works;
  2. the practicality in use;
  3. resistance to moisture and chemical attack.

Window sills stone

The most durable and low maintenance, are considered as window sills made of artificial stone, marble or ceramic tiles. The disadvantage of this device it is possible to consider the price of material and installation works.

To summarize

Sill, along with a frame and sash, prolongs the operation of the window. So, it is not only the decoration of interior spaces and stand for flower pots, but also element of the design is justified by its reliability and quality.

About which the sill is to choose the owners of residential apartments need to think about before you start construction or renovations, not to be mistaken. Because haste in this question, can lead to the waste of money, rapid breakdown and subsequent replacement of the sill.

A few useful tips for choosing window sill can be obtained from the following video:

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