How to increase safety in the home.

How to increase safety in the home.

In order to protect your apartment from burglary and theft of property, not necessary to install expensive cameras, alarms, motion sensors. There are more affordable and effective ways to improve security in the house. In this article we will tell you about how to improve safety in the home .

The easiest and most reliable of them is the installation of a new lock. It should be in the following situations:

  • The entrance to a new apartment
  • Duplicate keys the outsiders
  • Failure of the design

The requirements of the lock

A good door lock can be considered only that product which has high:

  • Secrecy
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Strength

If possible, we recommend that you install two high-quality lock. It is important – even the most sophisticated designs can be disabled by brute physical force. In order to avoid such situations, they should be reinforced with armor plates, plates made of hard alloys and other products. Alternatively, you can be purchased first quality fittings on

Other ways to improve security

  • Install on the front door peephole – it will allow you to explore the people trying to access in your home;
  • Buy a good bolt – in a sense, these designs even more secure than classic locks.
  • Update the lights in the hallway and in the yard. Typically the robbers «work» only in poorly lit locations;
  • Order your the door. Preferably solid wood or metal;
  • Attach to door bells or other noise sources – they can scare off a burglar or attracting the attention of neighbors;
  • Buy a dog – creating the data will always react to the strangers that invaded their territory.

Safety in the home largely depends on how willing you share private information. Gullible people are much more likely to suffer from the actions of thieves, than closed and reserved person. And therefore, we advise you not to tell outsiders about:

  • Work schedule
  • Planned vacation
  • The door lock and its condition

And ideally you actually should not speak with any strangers about how you protect yourself from thieves. Moreover, you have the ability to acquire all necessary design anonymously via the global network. For example, you can buy here door closer, lock, latch and other hardware, without disclosing any information about yourself.

Summing up

Remember – the trouble is frightening only to those who are not ready for it. Spending some effort and a small amount of time, you should be able to protect your home from thieves for a very modest money.

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