How to increase productivity using cryogenic blasting?

How to increase productivity using cryogenic blasting?

To improve the profitability of production must constantly carry out maintenance of equipmentthat must work flawlessly. In this case, each Manager would like to reduce costs, increase equipment life and enhance product quality. Without the use of innovation to stay at a high competitive level is difficult. However, do not always have the financial ability to implement modern design into production.

Technical progress in modern times provides opportunities in the technical maintenance of various equipment. This innovative method of cleaning of various surfaces from contaminants of any type, as cryogenic blasting is gaining popularity in Russia among the leaders of company D Sauber, Krionika, etc. Efficiency and profitability of the technology confirmed in practice throughout the world, especially in Europe.

What is cryoblasting

The word is formed from a combination of two words: cryo – cold, blast – blast, that quite accurately describes the process. Dry ice pellets are sprayed onto the surface under high pressure, like exploding and splitting impurities, removing them. As a result, they evaporate without leaving any traces. The method is absolutely safe for the environment. The process involves: kinematic energy, temperature and mechanical action that provides the highest efficiency.

Where to use cryoblasting

Applications dry ice cleaning is extremely broad and can be applied in various sectors of the economy, as well as in the domestic sphere.

  • For any production for maintenance of machines and equipment;
  • For cleaning of various tanks in all sectors of the economy;
  • In private life in the processing areas after fires and cleaning all types of pollution.

Using cryogenic blasting can clean absolutely everything with great care. Therefore, the blasting with dry ice can be used even on the most delicate surfaces. You can learn more more at Wikipedia

Advantages of the cryogenic blasting

In addition to its effectiveness and careful treatment to the treated surfaces, this method is quite cost-effective. When cleaning with dry ice does not require the use of different cleaning agents, detergents, and a huge physical effort. The equipment does not need to completely disassemble to make maintenance very quickly, almost without interruption. Lean against can significantly extend the operational life of equipment and machines. Effective surface cleaning will improve the quality of the products.

If You are aiming to optimize businesses, improve competitiveness and productivity with minimal cost, cryoblasting You with this much help.

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