How to hold the wiring in a wooden house

How to hold the wiring in a wooden house

More and more houses outside the city are built of wood. No matter what material formed the basis of the structure of communication is needed in any case. The electrical supply of a wooden house will have some features: installation and choice of materials make given the high risk of fires. In this article, we will tell about how correctly to carry out the wiring in a wooden house.

The wooden building has an increased risk of fire, where the main cause of most fires is faulty wiring. The fire wooden buildings always destructive, rapid fire often arrive only to ashes. How to do the wiring in a wooden house, reducing the danger of fires?

The process of installation of electricity entrusted only to professional licensed electricians. But the owner of the house should know the basic principles, because it takes work.

To conduct electricity you can begin at random, hoping for improvisation. Prior to commencement of works a detailed plan (draft) to future transactions. It is important!On the plan to indicate:

  • the location of the power elements;
  • the location of the instrument elements.

It is impossible to carry out installation, without preparing the schema, especially for open wiring.

After preparing a detailed plan, you need to calculate the amount of material required in the process. This raises a pressing question: what kind of wire to do the wiring in a wooden house?

Used materials: copper and aluminum. In the case of wooden buildings you should choose copper wire. Cheap aluminum extra risk during periods of congestion, high susceptibility to corrosion reduces the service life. The advantages of copper – high conductivity, durability, long service life. This product will better withstand overload, it is reliable. Great selection of the appropriate wire and cable for open offers Electro avselectro ABC-msk/catalog/4130-kabeli-i-provoda-silovye-dlya-st. To prove wire to the fuse box can only be a professional electrician who has permission to such work. Lead the cable through the air using rope or underground.

Wire for open wiring in a wooden house need with a well-insulated cable of sufficient cross-section. Attach the SIP or especially a stretched rope. The wall is equipped with a hook or clamp for mounting, always use an insulator between the wire and the hook.

Safer to hide the cable underground, using a deep (0.7 m – 1m) trench. Instead of a hook use a special end-to-end tube pre-mounted in the Foundation). He served inside the house.

What kind of wiring is best done in a wooden house – hidden or open? Use rollers or boxes? Than to isolate combustible materials? Let’s consider the main points of both methods.

Hidden wiring in a wooden house

Stucco or other incombustible material allows the use of fuel base (corrugated, metal hose) for the wires.

Hermetically connected pipes (take copper, is the best solution) are used during installation. The pipes are grounded, they are hollow inside with no one-liners – not to damage the wire. Junction boxes are provided with permanent access.

This wiring is most safe, but very expensive, is a long time, requires significant strength, knowledge.

Open wiring in a wooden house: rules

More often the choice falls on an open transaction. It’s easier. Cheaper and easier. She used a twisted cable. It needs to be fixed on the insulators (typically porcelain).

The basic rule here: from cable for open wiring to the wall at least 10 mm. Any of his land not touching the surface, this is achieved using rollers.

There is an alternative: the use of boxes. They have to meet high fire safety requirements, but this posting is more reliable.

Some important nuances

In addition to the basic rules about how to do the wiring in a wooden house, there are small tricks that you need to know.

  • If you choose installation by air, use of self-supporting aluminium wire.
  • It is not enough just to choose a copper wire for internal wiring: be sure to check the insulation. Well, when he is double insulated, when triple. Required characteristics – self-extinguishing, absorption of smoke.
  • Be sure to check what section is the minimum for your load and take a little more. One day it could save your home.

And finally

Wooden house – this is a special microclimate, a good mood and a great stay. A bit bothering during the wiring and making it safer, you have a great Villa or cottage for permanent residence.

Be sure to consult with experts in the editing process. Feel free to check in and check out embarrassing moments. Ask questions. Demand perfection. This is your safety. It is the preservation of your home.

A small reassurance in the beginning will give you many years of quiet living in the future. Do the wiring in your home for centuries, using only quality time-proven technologies and materials.

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