How to hold a wedding abroad?

How to hold a wedding abroad?

Wedding abroad, started many young people just two years ago. Though about a wedding I say a lot of good reviews, we still are some fake West. For example, some young people think that the certificate of marriage will be invalid in Russia. But worrying about it is not necessary. It is important to carefully choose a good travel Agency that will prepare your documents before the wedding abroad. Next, you need to decide what country you would like to hold their wedding.

Very often young hold their wedding in the Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Cuba and the Czech Republic. Choose the country of the young need to rely on their own tastes and interests, as well as cash. For example, wedding in the Czech Republic is much cheaper than in the Dominican Republic.

Also, when you choose a country, look at the date of the wedding. Because in the Czech Republic the weather is very similar to the weather in Russia. For example, if you have appointed a wedding in November, the weather in the Czech Republic will be the same as in Russia. But if you want to hold the wedding on some island then you will surely get caught in the rain. You must alert the tour operators.

To arrange a wedding abroad, it is necessary not later than a month before the desired date. For example, if you want to spend the wedding day on Valentine’s day, you will need to submit documents to the travel Agency for two or three months. Otherwise it may happen that all hotels will be busy and plane tickets are sold out.

Documents that will be needed for marriage abroad is almost the same as in Russia. Namely, you will need: birth certificate, passport into English and notarized. If one of the newlyweds were already married, you will need to provide a divorce certificate is also in English and signed by a notary. After all the documents are ready, you can choose outfits and accessories for the wedding.

Another wedding in another country can be conducted on the island of Barbados located in the Caribbean sea. Like all Islands, there can often rain. And they last from June to October. But in Barbados, unlike other Islands, where it can rain without a break for five days, rains «RAID» twice a day for 2-3 minutes. And then everything dries quickly and the sea remains warm.

Documents for your wedding on this island, you need to submit a month before the expected date. Also, you have to choose the beach, which will host check-in, to make a flower arch, table for the Registrar, birthday cake, accessories for the bride and groom, young track to the beach and back to the hotel, to choose a Registrar and forward the marriage certificate in Russia. It is also important that photo and videosemka weddings were organized at the proper level and you then look for the operator. Optionally, you can order wedding music performed by Barbadian tool.

But from the wedding package and forwarding documents can be waived. As travel firms say that the marriage certificate, the young will be in Barbados. There you can give a copy of the certificate, and in Russia you can in the passport office to put a stamp in the passport. The Registrar has already do not need to go, if only the girl will take her husband’s name).

Come to the island the newlyweds will need for two or three days before the wedding. Because they still have to go to the Ministry of Barbados and sign the documents.

Registration in Barbados lasts about two hours. Holds it for the priest. He will start to tell them about the wedding of two lovers. Then turning to the groom, so he gave him the oath of love and fidelity to his future wife. And then these same words should tell the bride. This is the most beautiful, but exciting time. All of the wedding ceremony there is a speech, in English only, but if you don’t know this language, you will be provided with an interpreter who will walk with you in Ministry.

After check-in, dinner can be served in your hotel or restaurant. And to celebrate this happy day on the catamaran.

And finally, the wedding is for the happy day. And the words that you say at the ceremony, regardless of where your wedding should be in your heart for years to come.

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