How to hide the wires and interior life hack

How to hide the wires and interior life hack

The question of how to hide the wires, are relevant in any interior, because equipping your home, the owner strives to create beautiful interior, furnished it with beautiful furniture, decor elements and providing modern equipment. For each person is natural to surround yourself with comfort, beauty and comfort.

The use of any machinery impossible without electricity. Her being in the apartment gives and the presence of wires, which with no end underfoot. And besides, what they prevent, but also considerably spoil the appearance of your home .

Hiding the wires under the baseboard

What should one do in such situations and how to get rid of plenty of wires? The most effective and common way to hide the wires like on the website tdok/ru/products/provod-soediniteljnyj/sor/p118r1789/index.html this put them in the skirting boards. Its advantage is that it contains the necessary for these purposes, the cavity. Any hardware store can buy.

The plinth is mounted to the wall itself cuts and dowels. Cords, stretched along the wall can be hidden in plastic boxes. They are different sizes and colors. So it wouldn’t be difficult to choose the appropriate floor under the situation of the room and to hide all the communication. Once all the cords are put in the middle of the box with decorative strap all closed. This is considered to be the most common and convenient.

Hide the wires under renovation

When the repair wire can be used to deepen into the wall. Grinder, cut two grooves, after which the punch is reflected the middle part between them. And it turns out the toothing. It put all the wires and using alabaster all smeared. We proceed similarly with the outlets.

Wires can be hidden in the floor. When the alignment of the screed. The cords are placed in a special sleeve and filled with mortar based on cement. After curing they will be safely hidden.

To hide the wires will help the use of false and suspended ceiling designs. For these purposes, is plasterboard box, which is mounted under the ceiling. Cable wiring be completed and placed in the box. In order to avoid their separation, it is necessary an insulating tape. These types of ceilings all perfectly hide. For additional tips. To hide wire you can still other ways. This can help the furniture. By proper placement can significantly hide most of the cords. This preserves the integrity of the interior, and the room will look a little different.

If the outlet is located at a short distance from the door, you can hide the wires in the door frames. To do this, they must be removed, placing the wires inside and then set it back.

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