How to hide the radiator with your hands

How to hide the radiator with your hands

When You buy an apartment in the building, You don’t have to worry about the aesthetic appearance of the battery. But the people who live in high-rise buildings of the Soviet era, have often thought about setting a screen for a battery. The problem is that conventional cast iron radiators can spoil the look of the room, even if it is renovated. In this article we will explain how to hide a radiator with their own hands.

How to hide the battery under the window?

Let’s consider the simplest option of making the screen in the home to hide the cast-iron battery. This option is costly in terms of time and Finance. As a result You get a cheap piece of decoration of their own design.

For this You will need:

  • the fabric on Your taste;
  • wooden planks (width and length depend on the size of the battery itself)
  • hooks;
  • screwdriver;
  • stapler;
  • screws.

The process steps of masking of the radiator

First you need to measure the battery to calculate the size of the screen. Focus on what it needs to be three to five centimeters wider than the battery to fully close. Measure 5 cm from the floor and 5 cm from the window sill – the height of the screen.

Now we turn to the case: according to the measured parameters of the cropping strips. Before connecting the frame with screws, it is recommended to first drill holes with a drill bit. So You warn wood splitting. Now carefully screw in the screws, and for more reliability, go with glue on the joints.

Now that the frame is ready, start the case for it. The fabric is better to take dense, because in addition to decorative, it can fulfill a protective function. Also, we recommend you to take the material that sits away from heat and moisture. This tissue will be better to keep the shape. Cut the workpiece, considering the fact that on all sides add 15 cm to the stock.

To cut a piece of fabric put the frame and begin to wrap the ends. Better to start with one of the short sides. Carefully attach with a stapler. Once one side is ready, go to the opposite. Well pulled the fabric so that it does not SAG. Fix the case on all edges.

In the end, we need to tie hooks and fixings. Their number depends on the length of the screen. Mark the points where are located the parts, and screw them to the screen and the window sill. Do not mount it too close to the radiator so as not to disturb air circulation. The best option is indented 10 cm.

Under this screen, you can hide not only the old battery, and various wires.

Panel HDF as material for the screen battery

Lately, the tree has replaced the HDF panel. This material is created by pressing crushed wood fibers of softwoods at high temperature. English HDF translates as «High Density Fiberboard (HDF)», which means «highly dense fibreboard (MDF OP)». The density of HDF plate exceeds 800-1050 kg/m3. That is much more than MDF.

Due to such characteristics as resistance to various chemicals, sudden temperature changes and high humidity, HDF panels have a greater range of possible uses and good prospects in the furniture industry.

In our case, the perforated panels HDF is ideal for screen. With resistance to high temperatures allows to maintain an attractive appearance for years to come.

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