How to hang a picture or photo

How to hang a picture or photo

In this article, you will learn how to hang a picture or photo so it is not just hanging on the wall, but also complement the surrounding interior and attracted look. I am sure that each of the readers at home there are many beautiful paintings or cherished photos, and empty walls. So why not make your home nice and cozy with their help?!

How to hang a picture or photo

How to hang a picture or photo 2 (700x700, 99Kb)

Ask a question about how to hang a painting or photograph, first and foremost, look at the size of the wall and what are you going to hang on it. On the big wall, do not hang a small picture. She is simply lost and will look ridiculous. Better to hang a picture or more to create a composition of several small paintings and place them following the patterns which are given below in this article.

Often the house has a large wall on which even the big picture will look lonely. In this case, it is recommended to make her pictures smaller to meet her in theme and color.

Posting pictures on the wall, you can make thematic selections and add to each snapshot statuses about happiness. For example, you can dedicate one of the walls of your honeymoon. You should not flaunt pictures with sad faces, bad images and photo remind you of sad events. So you will only make the atmosphere more depressing.

Both paintings and photographs should be hung at eye level, that is no less than 1.5-1.6 meters. Hanging your artwork, you need to use basic rules of composition: symmetry and the Golden section. Use axis of symmetry to your frame with pictures of balanced composition. In this case the axis is parallel or perpendicular to the floor and diagonally. Your song can be part of the interior and the layout of the room. Don’t be afraid of asymmetry that can create a rhythm and make a cheerful touch to your composition.

You can hang the layouts equal in size to your paintings, in order to see how they will look on the wall.

Here the symmetry of the creating interior.


Hanging your pictures on the wall near the stairs try to stick to the same height of each step. The width of the pictures can be absolutely arbitrary.

Speaking about how to hang a painting, experts advise to observe the picture at a distance equal to approximately 1/3 of the length of the frame. You should not post pictures too close or too far from each other. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create their original compositions!


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