How to hang a picture on the wall? Interior lifehack

How to hang a picture on the wall? Interior lifehack

How to hang a picture on the wall? To select the location for the picture is not as easy as it seems at first. You can go with the canvas, framed in a frame from wall to wall, to try something in a different place, and could not decide where to hang him. But you must know some rules, which will be discussed in this article.

Where to hang a painting in your house?

A room with a high ceiling can be decorated with art work of large format. The perfect place for a picture – free wall above the sofa, a low chest of drawers, a Cabinet or musical instrument. In the Museum the paintings are hung so that from the floor to the middle of the canvas was 152 cm In conditions of the residential apartments it is impossible to achieve, as the note that is under the frame of the furniture.

You need to mentally (or taking a measuring tool) to divide the distance from ceiling to top of furniture in 3 pieces, and hang the picture in the lower half of the middle section. In a large room, where it is possible to leave free of furniture great wall, chic will look like the original of a famous artist or a copy of good quality. But in this case, the «Museum» rule of placing the paintings will not work. The lower edge of the picture should be placed on the middle horizontal line of the wall.

How to hang pictures

  • On a colorful Wallpaper with a pattern picture will be lost to sight. The wall should be painted in neutral color;
  • Even relaxed don’t notice the landscape looks like a rarity, if the blade is decorated in a carved frame, covered with gold leaf;
  • Image are selected in accordance with the functional purpose of the room. Still life with fruit suitable for the decoration of the kitchen, portraits for the living room, easy scenery for bedroom and fairy tales for a child’s room;
  • Depicted in the paintings should be in harmony with the style of the room;
  • Pictures of medium size permissible to place the piers on both sides of the door.

The composition of several pictures

If you want to hang on the wall a composition of several paintings or prints, the composition should be constructed as follows. In the center of the group is the largest attractive picture, and on either side of it are the ones that are smaller and not as bright. With hang beside two paintings of different sizes the large is a bit higher than the smaller. So it will be convenient to consider depicted on the canvas.

A few paintings on the wall will not break unity in the interior, when placed over a sofa, a chest of drawers or other piece of furniture within its width. Should mentally draw a vertical line from the extreme points (e.g., sofas), and not to violate these limits when placing pictures.

To make things easier, you can put pictures in the free wall at the back of the couch or on the table and to estimate their location. The side view will help to determine the order of their placement, and if necessary swap.

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