How to get rid of unwanted body hair

How to get rid of unwanted body hair

Every woman likes it when the legs smooth and tender. Moreover, as there is a woman, about the same she is trying to get rid of unwanted body hair. Egyptian women struggled with the vegetation with wax and clay, and the ancient women of Greece prefer honey and herbs. The problem of excessive vegetation relevant today. The vast majority of women every day choose one or the other method of getting rid of the hated hairs. Of course, now there are photoepilation and laser hair removal, but not everyone can afford it. There are other ways that will help to make the skin silky and soft without the machine and foam.


This buzzing buddy to help cope with hairs not only on the legs but also in other problem areas. About the hairs can be forgotten for three or four weeks. There are also disadvantages – this method is quite painful, because the epilator removes hair by forceps. There is also a dependence on the mains or batteries, which is not very convenient on a trip or at sea.


Also painful procedure, as the epilator. The wax will make the skin smooth up to six weeks, but the first few days after the use occurs redness of the skin.

Sugar hair removal

Sugar or caramel hair removal is popular in recent years due to its simplicity, efficiency and availability. Works on the same principle as wax, but because of its naturalness does not cause allergies on the components, in fact consists of caramel with some additives. Many of the girls boiled the solution themselves at home, then this procedure will cost a bit more sugar packing. The main thing during the procedure to properly cook pasta and to withstand the temperature, otherwise the burns are provided.


Cream for hair removal are not for everyone and eliminate the vegetation for a week or two, not longer. Minus creams that only small isolated hairs, you have to dobrovat or process three or four times.

In this article, methods will not lighten hair chemicals at home, as this may lead to uncontrollable consequences. If you wish to remove the hair with the help of folk remedies, it is best before the procedure to consult a beautician or dermatologist in order not to damage the skin. Unfortunately, the blind pursuit of beauty can lead to the hospital bed.

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